11 – More Book Reviews, Block Update, New Swap


I visited the library again – more book reviews!

New Quiltcast Supergroup Swap!  If you want to participate here are the details:

You must be a member of our Swap group on Swap-Bot.  You can create an account and request to join or e-mail me and ask to be sent an invitation to join.

Signup Deadline: April 29, 2011
Packages must be mailed by: May 15, 2011
Number of partners assigned: 3

We are swapping scraps!  Fill up at least a quart size ziplock bag of scraps (one per partner, three packages total). Scraps should be at least 2″ square or larger, no crumbs in this swap.

Scrap onto others how you would like them to scrap onto you! (Don’t send out scraps you wouldn’t like to get back.)

You might want to e-mail your partners and see if they have any specific requests for colors, prints, sizes etc. If you have preferences (jelly roll strips, 5″ charm pack squares, colors, prints) list them in the swap comments.

Most of all – send your scraps out on time and enjoy the scraps you get in return!


  1. FYI …… YOU are not updating on i tunes episode 6 is the last one on

    Can you also post your PODCAST DIRECT LINK to where you post your podcasts. That is how I use to download your podcast but I can no longer access / download from this page.

  2. I'm updating on iTunes. Search for me in the iTunes store and you will see my latest 3 episodes available for download. maybe your iTunes subscription hasn't updated automatically, sometimes you have to ping it manually from your own iTunes to get new episodes if you haven't listened to the podcast in a while.

    I know it is working since there have been 127 downloads of Episode 11 so far and I can see episodes 9, 10 and 11 in my iTunes Podcast page.. If you aren't able to find my Podcast page on iTunes try this link:

    If you aren't able to figure out how to do that, you can download from my other page:

  3. I have made 2 crazy shortcut quilts and in fact my very first completed quilt was a crazy shorcut quilt for my son. The were as easy as pie and they turned out great. You are correct, the batting in the sashing should be the block batting. However, for me, I actually added batting because my blocks were not all even. Also, check out youtube becasue the author has several videas there. She also has a blog. I blogged about the ones I mdae as well. http://kimknitsinla.blogspot.com/2010/08/crafting-and-recuperating.html

  4. After you explained the 10-minute blocks I had to see and hear more about the process. I think I would like to make a quilt. Perhaps this could be one of my three charity quilts this year. I think it would be fun to use a fun print in the center of the four outer squares.

    Can you talk more about crumb blocks? I have heard about them at different times from other podcasters but I don't think I have seen a crumb quilt. Perhaps I should go and research it more.

  5. I will have to post some more crumb blocks that I've done and talk about them some more Janet! They are SO much fun to do and a nice change from measuring and being really precise all the time. Super freeing to do blocks that way.

    You should try the 10-minute blocks. I really like them now that I know what I'm doing.

  6. I am very behind in listening to my podcasts but today I am listening to episode 11. I wanted to share a booklet for the quilt as you go method and ROCKS!! It is called Weekend Log Cabin Quilts by Marti Mitchell. Once you get the hang of it you could use it for just about any block. BUT this booklet is great for learning the technique. It is well written!!