12 – The Scanty Quarter Inch, Princess Quilt Progress, Sunbonnet Sue and Agility Update


Princess Quilt Top (will add high-res photos later):

Tackling that 1/4″ Seam

One of my swap partners on the latest block swap suggested that I discuss the whole quarter inch seam business since most of the blocks she received had seams of varied widths sewn into them and they were all different sizes.

Tools for your Sewing Machine to Get that Quarter Inch Seam Allowance

**Distinctive has a quilting foot set that you can order that includes the feet commonly used for quilting for $49.95.  Includes Even-Feed Walking Foot, Large Metal Embroidery/Darning Foot , Embroidery/Darning Foot, 1/4″ Quilting Foot, Satin Stitch Foot , Open Toe Foot and an Applique Foot.

How to check your needle position and mark 1/4 inch – no special presser foot necessary
How to use the Sewing Edge

Nonnie recommended this fantastic video:

New podcaster out there: QuiltingDaydreams and her blog – Katie’s Quiet Quilting Place

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Martelli “No Slip” Gripper Hoops

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  1. How many quilters do you think there are? It seems like there are quite a few more than I would have guessed.Also, what is it about quilting that makes people so passionate & dedicated to it?

  2. There are a few sites out there with statistics so if you are curious you can take a look:


    It is hard to say why people are so passionate about quilting. Some people try it and hate it and others fall in love for a lifetime. I think it is probably because it is something most people have experienced comfort from when they were small on some level. Almost everyone I know has an early memory involving a quilt. To be able to make a quilt and convey that same feeling to someone else is a powerful thing.

    For me it is a creative outlet. I've always had to do something crafty but usually my chosen craft didn't last more than 6 months because I'd get bored or frustrated with it. Quilting is different since there is a difficulty level for everyone from super easy to really difficult.

    After doing accounting all day I just want to come home and do something creative and fun.