WIP Wednesday

Haven’t done one of these in a while!
I updated my Current Projects page since it was terribly out of date.  Hard to believe I have that number of projects either ongoing or now in UFO status.  I need to whittle that down!    My list of planned projects is growing lengthy.
This week I took a few nights off out of exhaustion.  Tonight I have to make Bernie’s dog food for the next two weeks so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done on my current projects.
I’m working on making the 10-minute blocks with the layer cakes I cut out of all the Disney princess fabric I have.  It is going to be really princessey.  The cathedral window centers will look awesome when I’m done. I’m going to make a border using leftover 2.5″ strips that I had when I ran out of yardage to cut into 10″ blocks with the princess fabric.
I also need to reorganize my fabric closet.  I have lots of projects that need their own little area so I can pull them out when I want to work on them and put them away again when I’m done.
SIAS Blocks – I have more than what
is shown here!
Projects that are near completion that I could likely sew into a quick top:
  • Square in a square big blocks: Now that I have my 20.5″ square ruler I can cut fabric wide enough for the SIAS blocks that I want to make a cute top out of.  I just need to pull some fabric out of my closet that I want to use up for it.  I don’t know if I should use big blocks of all the same fabric as a good focus area or if it should all be different.
  • Strip twist blocks:  There are a few from my swap that were sewn wrong so once I fix those I can start putting all of them together.  I don’t know if they will all look good together or if I’ll have to separate them – I’m hoping they will blend well enough to go together though.
  • Small hexagons for a little wall-hanging:  I think I’m going to appliqué them down to background fabric, turn it into a “4 patch” with neutral blended background fabric that will be heavily quilted (possibly with trapunto) and turn it into a wall-hanging.
Random Blocks lying around:
  • Tilted 4-Patch Blocks – My partner sent me blocks with a cowboy theme so I’m not really sure how I’m going to use them (the rules said no novelty fabrics but oh well).  I might just whip them up into something I can sell at the guild boutique at the next show.
  • Crumb Blocks – I’m not sure how many I have now.  I’m considering putting borders on all of them to make them bigger (they are all 4.5″ square right now) and then sewing them into some sort of quilt.  My other option is to make more of them.  I’ll probably just make more of them.

So that is where my sewing room is at right now!


  1. I know about a ton of WIP's.. I have some just laying around and need to get them done.

  2. It's funny how much stuff can sneak up when you're not paying attention!

    My niece would LOVE that princess quilt – there's no such thing as too princess-y!