Free Pattern Friday – Digital Inspiration Board Edition

Inspiration Board Example

Last year I found something that I thought was pretty cool – the fact that some people keep a cork board (or something similar) in their craft/quilting studios with little things pinned to it as a way to get design inspiration.

Quilted Cupcake podcast introduced me to the digital equivalent of this idea!  Pinterest is a fun way to make one or several inspiration boards as you browse the internet and organize them in a really useful way.  Your boards will save the photo, any notes you make on it and a link back to the original page where you found the photo.  Caution if you are using Google Images – it won’t save the link to the page where the original image is from unless you click through to that page.

It is a really simple way to keep track of design inspiration online. Let me know if you want an invite to Pinterest and I can send you one!  It took a few days for me to get an approval since I didn’t get invited directly by someone else.

Tip:  Highlight text on the page before you click “pin it” and your notes will automatically be filled in with the highlighted text! 

Preview of my Pinterest Quilting Board