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Free Pattern Friday – A Quilted Fabric Bowl!

Ok you know how much I love my fabric bowls (I realized this past weekend I needed to make a new one to hold my binding clips) and in doing a search I found a NEW pattern for a quilted fabric bowl!

How cute is this?  And what a fun way to practice trapunto or another quilting technique that you want to try on the small scale while still finishing something you can display (and use!)

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  1. Katie, I came across that bowl a while back but never got around to trying it, probably because I am always reading blogs instead of sewing! Are you gonna make it? I think it's really pretty and would make a nice gift, too.

  2. After I work on my commissioned quilts a bit I'll reward myself with some fabric bowl fun. I think this would look great with fabrics you need to use up or aren't sure how to work into a quilt. It is a great way to make boring fabrics interesting with all the quilting you end up doing for each side.

    I love the pattern! I wonder how long it would take to make one.

  3. I would love this pattern for the quilting bowl just for my own use, like to make one for my granddaughter who is just starting to cook.

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