13 – Guild Meeting, A Disney Trip, New Geeky Game, Magazines


Things I’ve been working on:

  • Cutting fabric and starting blocks for two new lap quilts.  Cutting layer cake blocks is very time consuming….
  • Put the binding on my Secret Sunbonnet Sue project and labeled it.  Not thrilled with how my label turned out.  I believe I’ll be doing something different next time.
  • Slowly adding flowers to my box of Grandmothers Flower Garden hexagons. It sits on the table beside the couch in the box and I work on them while I watch TV.  I’ve had an idea to create a small sewing jar that will fit inside my purse so I can carry some with me on the go instead of my medium sized tote box.
  • Tested out the Martelli “No Slip” Gripper Hoop. I’m happy with the results!
  • Read some new magazines!  Pattern I want to do in the near future from fellow blogger and podcaster, Sandi Cowell was published in Quick Quilts. It is a cute table topper.
  • Took a trip to Downtown Disney and did some resort hoppingDowntown Disney DaytripDowntown Disney Daytrip
  • Playing Portal 2 the computer game on occasion
  • Went to the May Guild Meeting.  Found out Bonnie Hunter is coming next month to another guild and I’ve signed up to go to one of her workshops.
  • Caught up with some quilters podcasts including: Quilting Daydreams, Within a Quarter Inch, Quilted Cupcake, and Quilting for the Rest of Us
Photos from Guild Meeting


  1. Hey Katie! Thanks for the mention in your blog. I'm headed to Disney next weekend and can't wait. I love resort hopping too!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi, can you tell us more about the Martelli hoops? I can't find a you tube video on them and want to know more before I spend big bucks on them.

  3. Bottom line: the hoops are worth the money if your sewing machine is built into a table and you have a large, flat surface area for the quilt. If you are quilting on one of those acrylic extension tables I'd skip the purchase. I found it annoying after a while on the extension table. On flat surfaces they work great though.