Weekly Goals

  • Finish 12 blocks for the 2nd quilt top
  • Begin appliqué for blocks with names
  • Begin piecing tops together
  • Sew hexagon soccer balls for name blocks
I finished the blocks for one quilt top on Sunday and can now begin on the 2nd set of blocks.  Once I get the name blocks done I can piece the rest of the tops together and I’ll have two more quilt tops done.  
I’ve been keeping my eye out for sports fabric but it seems to be hard to find.  I’m thinking my design might change to some solid colors with the focus fabric as the center block for those since it seems to be difficult to locate the novelty fabric (even online!).  
When I don’t feel like sitting at my sewing machine I’m usually on the couch with my traveling hexagon box.  

I started piecing some of the flowers together.  Then I realized I’m going to need a lot more white hexagons for the “sashing” between flowers so I thread basted more of those.  It is a relaxing project until your needle gets dull.  Also my leather thimble is starting to stretch so it isn’t fitting my finger very well.  I need to put some stitches in it so it fits better or find another way to shrink it. 

I’ve been thinking that I need to sit down and cut some triangles to use for the I-Spy hexagons I was gifted from a friend in my guild so I can use them for my “leaders and enders” project.  if I cut those out it would be easy to keep them by my machine and go from there.  I just need to decide what color I’m going to cut them from. 

I opened my Moda Basic Origins charm pack and began a test of the MSQC half-square triangle (or pinwheel) technique.  It worked quite well!  I need to get some more Magic Sizing next time I’m at the store.  This is more of a brain break when I need to do something else for a while.  Maybe I will get my half-square triangle quilt top done this year.

I’m trying to avoid hitting a slump by letting myself occasionally work on other things.


  1. Have you tried soaking it in water for a little bit and blow drying it? Make sure to use tweezers or your little piggies will turn into bacon! I learned this the hard way, LOL.

    The thimble will eventually stretch out again, but you can soak and dry it again when it stretches. Hope this helps!


  2. Traveling Hex box…what a great idea! I need to start making these!

  3. I've heard of some people using jelly jars in their purse too for something super portable. I haven't made mine yet but plan to as soon as I finish the strawberry preserves.