18 – My Scrappy Day Out, a Longarm Plan and a New Marking Pen


If you missed my very short post on my Bonnie K. Hunter class go see it if not just to look at all the wonderful photos!  I obviously had lots of fun and talk in detail about the class.  I met some wonderful people!

I found a long-arm for rent an hour from my home so I can start quilting on a long-arm for big projects! I’ll talk about things I’m worried about and things I’m very excited to learn and try.

I replaced the ripped liner in my purse and it made my brain hurt.

I tried a new marking technique for light fabric and I think we found a winner!  Video proof to show how awesome it is.

Pilot FriXion Erasable Pen – just use a hot iron or throw the top into a dryer for a few minutes. 

Some warnings:

You may all remember the discussion about the new FriXion Pens made by Pilot Pen. They disappear with heat, either by rubbing with the eraser on the pen or by using an iron. There is a slight residue (clear) left behind, but we have found that it comes out with synthrapol. The big question was, is the chemical in the pen and any possible residue that does not wash out, likely to degrade fabric over time? Well, I called and asked to talk to someone about the chemicals in FriXion pens and was told that was proprietary information. Sigh. I explained that I did not need to know the precise chemical make-up of the pens, I simply needed to know if there was anything in them that was likely to erode fabric over time. About the best I could get, and it seems to ease my mind, is that the ink in the pens is not acid-based and will not harm fabric. The only caution is that it is not archival ink — because it disappears! Which is what we want!! I think I’m going to test them out on a small wallhanging or something of the sort. If I like the results after ironing and then washing the quilt in synthrapol, I will rejoice in a great new tool!
P.S. Someone on another list just told me that Sharon Schamber recommended using these. That’s good enough for me!
Actually, I’ve done a couple of tests with them, and they don’t ever completely disappear. That ink, I think, will always be there. I’ve written on fabric, ironed it off, put it in the freezer, and it comes back. I’ve written on fabric, ironed it off, washed it in Synthrapol, put it in the freezer, and it comes back. I’ve also done the same with Retayne, and it always comes back. Now, I’m not inclined to put my blankies in the freezer, and I’d probably use this on some of my own quilts, but I don’t think I’d use it for customers, unless I had discussed all the possibilities with them and they were cool with it.

Basically – test any marking technique you use because your mileage may vary! 


  1. Hello

    I love your podcast…. listen while I worked on the charity quilts today. I love your product reviews and wish I had the pens you talked earlier today. I am going to order them as soon as I get a chance.

    I loved the posting of your Bonnie Hunter Quilts. We will be having her as a speaker some time next year… I can not wait. I hope to take a class from her too.


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  2. I finally got my sewing machine (and I am ecstatic) and I cannot wait to start some fun projects. You have some really neat information on here that I am going to thoroughly enjoy sifting through!

  3. I have tried those pens myself an have found that it's a good idea to do a fabric test before drawing on my quilts. On one of my white fabrics I can still see faint traces of the lines. Also, tested to see what effect leaving the lines on for extended periods would have on their ability to be erased. Again I found a couple of white fabrics retained faint marks. I love to use these pens, but thought it would be helpful to pass on my experience with them. Thanks.

  4. Thanks Fiona! Yes I found out the warnings after I posted this and just neglected to add them to my notes. Added them now! Everyone's experience is different with these pens apparently.

  5. Hi. I enjoy your podcasts and your adventuresome approach to quilting! Kudos to you for putting the new lining in your purse. I've never tried that. I did make a purse from a Lazy Girl designs pattern (the bag is called Miranda). The pattern was very easy to follow with photos and descriptions. I'm now a total fan of Lazy Girl designs. She also has a blog. I also wish Bonnie Hunter would visit CA so I could attend one of her workshops.

  6. Those pens look fantastic! They're on my to buy list for sure now. Do you still love them a few weeks/projects later?

  7. I haven't used them on anything except my test sample as I haven't had anything to quilt recently – but I do plan on using it in the future. It works fine where I live as I don't have to worry about cold weather. 🙂


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