19 – A Mondo Bag/Product Review, Update on FriXion Pen, life update and quilt guild show happenings


I talk about the Quiltsmart interfacing product that I’ve tried out, I give some updates on the Pilot FriXion pen I spoke of in Episode 18 and some other life and quilt guild happenings.

QuiltSmart Printed Interfacing

Video of the Lone Star Quilt using QuiltSmart Printed Interfacing (the sound is not good on the video but you can watch the technique)

See my Episode 18 notes for warnings on the Pilot FriXion pen
Download the puppy training e-books for free that I spoke of!


  1. I just ordered, and also went to the Quilting around Chautauqua in September and the products are AWESOME! I tried some of the interfacing(s) for a quilt and they were marvelous to work with also. I am looking forward to doing the bags with my niece for after Christmas! What’s on your Christmas list, quilting hard or QUILTINGSMART? Go to Quiltsmart Inc and sew with lots of fun!