Free Pattern Friday – Creepy Crawlie Edition

As a child, you would often find me catching frogs, bugs, mice, and other various creatures of the woods.  My mom loves to tell a story of the time I caught a mouse (while trying to bait and catch a squirrel) and brought it inside to show her my catch – only to have it jump out of the coat hat I used as a trap into the house.  We had a nice little mouse house guest for two weeks before the real trap got him.

Here are two quilts to commemorate those creepy crawlie things I love so much!
This pattern comes with a catch but it is worth it I believe!  With each part of the pattern the designer asks you seek a different mode of transportation other than your car (be it bus, train, bike, skateboard, or your own tennis shoes) for a total of six parts.  Different techniques are used for each panel (paper piecing, fusible appliqué, etc. – all of which are explained for free on the website.  (See the techniques page here.)  The templates and patterns are e-mailed directly to your inbox and are comprehensive.

I love the different frog designs in each panel.  You could really go wild with different tropical and rainforest print fabric.

Just Bugs – Designed by Caroline Reardon, Featured in Quiltmaker Magazine (Free PDF Pattern)

Lots of bugs in this pattern!  Snails, caterpillars, butterflies, lady bugs and dragonflies make up this great applique quilt. 

It would make a great gift and it is a fun way to use up some great scraps!

You can change the colorway easily by using different sashing, borders and background fabric for each of the blocks.