One Flower Wednesday

One Flower Wednesday

I can usually do one complete flower each time I sit down to watch TV.  These are my latest ones!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful flowers Katie!!!

  2. They look fabulous. And wow, you made so many – well done.

  3. Very colorful flowers.

  4. Wow! You are a prolific gardener! Very pretty!

  5. I really like your blue flower on the left. It looks like ocean fabric was used.

  6. Very nice, I like the pink with butterflies.

  7. Boah, wie sehen deine Flowers so hundertprozentig ordentlich aus! Zeig die mal von hinten!

    Viele Grüße!

  8. You are a prolific hexie sewer!! I love your bright colors. I think if I start another one, it will be bright, happy colors like that.

  9. Deb you can tell what colors I have the most of in my fabric stash!

  10. Very pretty! You must have a large garden.

  11. Wow VERY gorgeous, Katie!!!!!! I especially love the top two on the right! Also a random note……I do Dog Agility with 2 of our 3 dogs. I'm just suggesting that you wait on starting with your puppy. I started at 3 mos old with our youngest dog and she can no longer show because she has Dislocated her tendon twice and has back problems. The vet said it was probably from doing agility before her bones were fully developed. Be Very careful!!! You defiantly don't want to injure him!!!!

  12. Thanks Lauren! I waited until he was six months old and we're working on foundation stuff that is safe for growing puppies. All jump poles are on the ground, the A-Frame is lowered, we're doing tunnels/tire/chute that are safe for him and don't impact his joints. Weave poles are channel only and not straight line in any way. I think that combined with waiting to neuter him until he's over 12 months and his growth plates are closed will keep us safe since the top agility trainers typically start their puppies this way.

    There are all sorts of things you can do in agility that are safe for growing puppies until the plates have closed.

    I didn't know this with my first dog though and she has had some persistent shoulder issues when I work her so I suspect I started on impact activities too soon that might have caused that joint to not grow together properly. I know I've seen my share of injuries related to starting a puppy off too soon on obstacles raised too high.