16 – Busy, Busy, Busy, Plans, Fabric Basket and Mystery Quilt


I haven’t been podcasting because I’ve been sewing a good deal lately working away on the lap quilt commissions.  Took a few days break before jumping into the next set of tops I need to cut fabric for and piece.

Firstly – apologies for the dog barking in previous episodes!   I got my first critical review in iTunes and that was the main complaint.  I do spend a good deal of time editing the sound and try to take out any big spikes I see – I know I miss some on occasion (I listened to episode 15 and jumped in my car hearing one instance).  I’ll try to do better about keeping the dogs out of the house while recording and/or editing heavily before posting.
Two more lap quilt tops finished!  I posted a photo of one of them on Facebook.  I found a really cool fire font to use for the names.  The small curves made the appliqué stitch a bit challenging but my magnifying glass helped a lot.  I’m so glad I bought it.
The first quilt top went together relatively easily, the second one did not.  I apparently didn’t pay attention to my sketch and oriented the blocks wrong when I sewed the blocks into a row.  My seam ripper got lots of use last week that’s for sure.  I think I need a new one now.
Four of the next five lap quilts are all “sports” themed.  I found some nice focus fabric with different sports balls to use and the background block fabric will vary.  The fifth quilt is using Robert Kaufman sea creature fabric.  I’m estimating it’ll take 7-10 days to cut out all the layer cake squares for the quilts and then I can start piecing.  I didn’t have my sketches with the yardage estimates on them when I purchased the fabric so I had to go off memory.  I think I bought enough.
Other small side projects: 
One of the Jelly Roll blocks – lots of pieces!  Had to make
five of these and four of a different kind.
  • Delectable Delights Jelly Roll Mystery Quilt – I pulled this out of the closet on Sunday and decided to see if I could work on it a bit.  I was able to get several blocks done and some other sections completed.  Now I only have 3 more blocks to finish before I can piece the main part of the top together.  Boy can I tell how inaccurate my cutting was back when I took this class.  It’ll look good from far away but definitely isn’t anywhere near perfection.  I’m kind of cringing at the thought of putting everything together because I know my blocks won’t be coming out to size.  Oh well.  Adding borders and quilting will hopefully distract away from my inaccurate piecing.
  • Corded Fabric Bowl – I’ve been wanting to do an all-white bowl with colored thread for a while now since I had a ton of white strips to use up.  I sat down and did it finally and added colored handles.  Adding the handles was interesting since I had to hand-sew them on with a big needle.  Turned out cute though and I can’t wait to use it for binding clips in my studio.
I ordered two more sets of the mystery bundles from Fabric.com and a Japanese fabric panel for me to design a quilt around. I plan on using a lot of the oriental fabrics I received in the scrap swap around the panel after a neutral border is placed around it so it isn’t too busy.
Future Goals:
  • Learn how to miter a quilt border
  • Research and discuss thread
  • Find a local shop that will rent a longarm to me and talk about that


  1. I'm with you on the mitering borders! A pattern I have has a picture tutorial but I'm just not getting it. Hope you have better luck!


  2. Love your fabric bowl! The colors and stitching are perfect! I just did two my self. My first attempts. Not quite a pretty as yours.


  3. nice work! I really like the bowl. I agree with you re sewing machines. My first machine was Brother that I got from Walmart and It worked just fine. I made my first quilt on it. I then "upgraded" to a Kenmore which I just found out is made by Janome. My hope is to purchase an elna but it costs about $1500 and that is soooooooooooooooo not in my budget. In the meantime, I am sewing and quilting away on my little kenmore, which I love, by the way.