Free Pattern Friday – Tube Quilting!

I love this pattern and have plans to do this with the Summer House jelly roll by Lily Ashbury. I think the resulting quilt is so striking and this is something a beginner could do since you are sewing strips together and cutting! If you get jelly rolls you don’t even have to cut the strips to use.


  1. Wow! Love that company 🙂 This looks like an awesome quilt and needs to go on my to do list. I want to make one for my mom in Florida with some batiks and this could be the perfect pattern. Thanks Katie! Have a great weekend and hugs to the Corgi's 🙂

  2. This is so cool!! I am going to pass this along to my quilting buddies.

  3. This looks like something I could actually do! =) I am excited to try it. I do want to ask you this though. I have a pretty basic inventory of sewing tools, but what do you suggest I make sure I have before I take on actual projects, such as this?

  4. @Saleah – Basic tools you would need is a good ruler (would likely need a 12.5" square for this one), a good sturdy rotary cutter (45MM at least, Fiskars makes a good one), good quality cotton thread (I like Gutterman Natural, you can get it at Joanne's cheaply), and a 1/4" sewing foot for your machine. It will make your life easier!

    Then purchase a few jelly rolls and sew away. So much fun!

  5. I love tube quilts, they look so beautiful and are so easy.

  6. I just love this method..I did purchase the wonder ruler; but it’s still good to have this way of making these. Now, just to apply all this “knowledge” into a working project..Thank you, I enjoy all these tutorials..

  7. joyce sturgill says:

    how big do you square these up