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Late Night Finish – Mondo Bag

It is dark but I took a few photos of the Mondo Bag that I’ve just finished!  I’ll take some more in natural light tomorrow – assuming we get a break in this rain we’ve been having for two weeks.

Mondo Bag - Quiltsmart Interfacing

Anyway – it is HUGE!  I love it.  It will make the perfect tote even though I forgot to put the pocket in it.  I did put on both the key loops so I just need to get a carabiner or two so I can easily snap my keys to the loops and not lose them in the gigantic bag.

Mondo Bag - Quiltsmart Interfacing

I need to practice a slip stitch for joining lining together since I’m not sure how to do it without resorting to a machine stitch and just having one weird edge inside.  I’ll figure it out one day.  
It is official: I’m totally addicted to QuiltSmart Interfacing.

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  1. Oh noes… don't tell me your addicted. I just bought the Mondo Bag and the Love Ring pattern. I'll end up being hopelessly addicted and will end up making them all. :)

  2. Ack! Forgot to tell you that it's one gorgeous bag. Love how scrappy look.

  3. That bag looks great!

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