20 – Two finishes, Fabric Cut, Swap Updates

Not the greatest photo (late at night) but you can see some of the obvious issues that I had with contrasting fabrics.  I will say this project taught me the great importance of choosing contrasting fabrics!  The top house is atrocious.  Up close it is cute but you can’t see it from far away, it all blends together.  You live, you learn, you make another quilt.


  1. Katie, your LOVE SHACK quilt is awsome…I wanna do one…

  2. Katie, my neighbor cleaned out her stash and gave me more scraps than I will ever use. Let me know if you would like some. She gave me a lot of batiks and a few of flannel. I would be glad to send you a bunch.

  3. You are way too hard on yourself 🙂 I love the Love Shack quilt! It makes me smile!

  4. In case you are interested, I have a double pinwheel tutorial at: http://artquiltmaker.com/blog/2011/04/making-a-double-pinwheel/

  5. Nice Work on your wall hanging. I hope I can eventually take a Bonnie Hunter class!

    I think I read about the Jelly ROll 1600 on your blog first so I tried it. I cut my own strips on this one and they were of varying lengths. I used soome fence rail blocks to make it bigger and plan to add another border or two. I want it to bedsized.