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Have Sewing Machine – Will Travel

A Quilters’ Traveling Necessities Today I leave out for my trip and had a hard time deciding what to take with me.  We’ll be staying at three different places so I didn’t want a ton of stuff, I also didn’t want to take any blocks that I might lose pieces of and ruin a top or something. Packed away in my scrappy bag are tons of scraps!  I packed a large tupperware tub full of strings and crumbs to play with on my trip.  I brought coffee filters, my iron, all my sewing supplies and cotton clothesline for making fabric bowls.  I think I’ll mostly be working on fabric bowl making during the trip since I need to...
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24 – Studio Tour, Comment catchup, A few finishes, Book review and Traveling

So many comments to catch up on! I’ve slacked off lately. Take a tour of my studio via my shaky iPhone! Can you spot the corgis? I finish a few projects: The “Hot Mess” Quilt Top that will be longarm quilted for practice: Book review – Better Homes and Gardens – Quilt Pink for Hope Call-in Prompt (or leave a comment): What is your ideal quilting vacation?
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Pets on Quilts Show Entry – Some Love for Corgis

Here are my photos for the Pets on Quilts Show – 2011!  (Can you tell I love Corgis?)My love for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed began several years ago at an Invitational Show Jumping horse event in Tampa when I spotted this cute little dog rolling around in the dirt ringside and was dying to find out what breed it was. Five years later we ended up acquiring our very first dog, Bernie.  We now have three corgis total, two Pembrokes and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Byron that appears in the quilt photos.  Byron was a puppy when I began my quilting experience and has grown along with me in this fun journey!  He loves...
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Free Pattern Friday – Peacocks, Cupcakes and Strip Sets!

I’ve been itching to do some appliqué and just don’t have time for it right now so here are a few inspirational patterns for you: Peacock Quilt Block – Lemon Tree Tales (Tami Levin) fashioned this block for a round robin swap and I just love it!  It involves hand appliqué and some embroidery for the head.  Gorgeous Kaffe Fassett fabrics complete this little block.  An entire quilt would be adorable I think. There is a photo on her page showing how the recipient set the block to make a mini wallhanging.  One more possibility to hang in my new office! Cupcake Applique Template PDF – I don’t have a photo of a finished block but...
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The Cleaning Bug

Yesterday I was working on a quilt and just got fed up with the layout of my stuff in my sewing room.  My cutting table was situated in front of my window which made opening and shutting the blinds VERY difficult for my little short self.  So I said to heck with it, I’m moving stuff around. I’m not completely finished with how I want everything set up but for now it works.  I was able to free my Singer 201-2 “Betty” from a corner so I can use her again!  Yay!  I think it’ll be setup as my dedicated string block sewing station so anytime I feel like sewing up some string blocks I have...
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23 – Projects Galore!, A new Tote, Life Happenings and a Bit about Batting

In no certain order: Two call ins this week – Kim and Charlene The Grandmothers Flower Monstrosity Grows out of its box I start a crazy quilting project at a crazy time and cut up some fabric that I was holding onto Started my Moda Bake Shop sample submission and working on that while I wait on the flannel backing to come in Worked on a dog agility ribbon holder and loved how the appliqué turned out A quick baby quilt was made for a co-worker My sixth anniversary was celebrated with a trip to Orlando I got a new job! My NYC trip gets solidified and my search for a Bed and Breakfast leads to...
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Free Pattern Friday – Poochie (or kitty) Pillow

I’ve been blogging about quilting for over a year now and I think this is the first pattern I’ve linked that is for our furry friends!   Moda Bake Shop – Poochie Pillow by Dragone Designs I’ve got three cushions and two pillows in my craft closet waiting to be covered with something and did some Googling to see what others have done.  I found this adorable pattern over at the Moda Bake Shop that did just that!  You can make a bed of any size with this pattern and the great thing about it is it’ll match your room decor if you want.  It probably will be cheaper than buying something at the big box pet...
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Free Pattern Friday – Diamond String Blocks!

In an effort to cut down on those unwieldy strings I’ve been collecting, I wanted to share another great pattern with you that Bonnie Hunter has provided on string blocks. These are turned into half-square triangle units using a fun ruler that I don’t yet own (but probably will soon) called the Wonder Cut ruler. Diamond-in-a-Square Strings Look at her results! She also shows you some different layouts on the bottom of her page so go check it out!
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Because you needed some cute inspiration…

I’ve been lax on my blogging lately and I don’t really know why.  Well… I guess I do – I keep getting distracted with projects and feel like I’m not working on what I should be working on.  I am getting stuff done just not in the order I suppose it should be done…. ANYWAY…. You know how you get those last-minute baby shower invitations?  Yeah, I got one last week.  I hate shopping so I remembered I had a cheater panel in my closet and some baby fabric that might be enough to make a quilt out of.  I looked at the panel and decided it was boy-friendly and quilted it up.  I’m so proud...
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