The Cleaning Bug

Yesterday I was working on a quilt and just got fed up with the layout of my stuff in my sewing room.  My cutting table was situated in front of my window which made opening and shutting the blinds VERY difficult for my little short self.  So I said to heck with it, I’m moving stuff around.
I’m not completely finished with how I want everything set up but for now it works.  I was able to free my Singer 201-2 “Betty” from a corner so I can use her again!  Yay!  I think it’ll be setup as my dedicated string block sewing station so anytime I feel like sewing up some string blocks I have everything ready for me to go.  Right now it is holding bins of scraps that need to be run through my AccuQuilt Go! and/or filed away into my scrap drawer system.  Lots of strings need to be put up.
Fabric Wall Art
Something else I got around to doing was finally using these little canvases I’d been holding onto.  I picked out some fabric I wanted to use on my wall and I think it turned out really nice.    The round canvas was a bear trying to make sure everything was smooth on the front and not pleated as I was stapling to the back.  I’m proud of how the display turned out though and I have a few more canvases I need to do something with so I can put those on the wall too.
Yesterday was our quilt show meeting and I had the wrong time in my phone so I showed up after they left.  That was embarrassing!  I’ll remember to check my e-mail for the correct time before the next one.  I had a handout prepared and everything…. shame on me.
If you’ve been following me on Pinterest you’ll notice I’ve been adding all sorts of stuff for Fabric Flower tutorials.  This was so I could find a good way to make the awards for next years quilt show.
Here are some of my favorites:

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm also going to make flowers for a project. I purchased this set of flower makers by Clover from Nancy's Notions.

    I haven't tried using them yet but did see a video of someone at a trade show where Clover was demoing them and it looked easy. I have Clover's yoyo makers and they are really easy so I hope these are the same.

    Shari K.