Have Sewing Machine – Will Travel

The Traveling Quilter
A Quilters’ Traveling Necessities

Today I leave out for my trip and had a hard time deciding what to take with me.  We’ll be staying at three different places so I didn’t want a ton of stuff, I also didn’t want to take any blocks that I might lose pieces of and ruin a top or something.

Packed away in my scrappy bag are tons of scraps!  I packed a large tupperware tub full of strings and crumbs to play with on my trip.  I brought coffee filters, my iron, all my sewing supplies and cotton clothesline for making fabric bowls.  I think I’ll mostly be working on fabric bowl making during the trip since I need to get more samples done for the guild meeting in September so I can entice people to sign up!  I’m hoping I can use my Mom as a practice person to teach fabric bowl making to so I’ll be ready to teach the class.

Crumbs and Strings Galore!

I’m so excited to be teaching my first quilting class.  It’ll be really different from teaching dog training classes but I think it will be fun.  At least I don’t have to worry about the sewing machines escaping, making a mess on the floor or getting in a fight!

Feel free to talk to me via Twitter or Facebook because I doubt I’ll be posting much the next week or so.  I will be updating Facebook with photos of my trip so follow me over there!

Bonus Video of Byron being silly:


  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning – so needed it. Love your dogs!

  2. My daughter and I just watched the video of the corgis.. we laughed so hard, they are so cute. Please post others when the opportunity arises.Have a nice holiday…