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Pets on Quilts Show Entry – Some Love for Corgis

Here are my photos for the Pets on Quilts Show – 2011!  (Can you tell I love Corgis?)Finished Daisy Quilt RevealedMy love for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed began several years ago at an Invitational Show Jumping horse event in Tampa when I spotted this cute little dog rolling around in the dirt ringside and was dying to find out what breed it was.

Five years later we ended up acquiring our very first dog, Bernie.  We now have three corgis total, two Pembrokes and a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Byron that appears in the quilt photos.  Byron was a puppy when I began my quilting experience and has grown along with me in this fun journey!  He loves inspecting all the packages that come into the house, finding scraps on the floor, stealing boxes and testing out quilts before they go to their homes.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Tropical Quilted Wall-Hanging
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Wall-Hanging
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Wall-Hanging
Finished Corgi Quilted WallHanging
Gator Lap Quilt
Basil - Corgi Backyard Play
 So that they don’t feel left out (I couldn’t find a photo with them on a quilt) here are my Pembroke Welsh Corgis:
Basil is my three year old tri-color PWC.  He is trained for competition agility but had to retire earlier this year due to an ongoing knee issue so we can’t compete anymore.  He loves sitting right under my sewing table and blocking access to the foot pedal.  
He is afraid of his own shadow, hates thunderstorms and thinks I’m the best person in the whole world so he sticks to me like glue whenever I’m home.  He also loves swimming as long as I’m in the pool for him to swim back to once he’s retrieved his toy.  Such a lover this little guy is!

Bernie - Corgi Backyard PlayBernie is my very first PWC and she’s quite the spitfire.  The first year was trial by fire as we had to catch up to her smart little brain.  She was also trained up to competition level agility but had to be retired early due to a shoulder injury.  She’s much happier being on Ottoman Guard as that is her favorite spot in the whole house.  She’s five years old this month.   We nearly lost her a few years ago due to a bladder stone removal that went badly so we are very thankful to still have her with us.  
Byron - Corgi Backyard PlayAnd of course – Mr. Byron!  He is our goofy Cardigan and just loves life.  He just turned a year old this month and still acts very much like a puppy.

I have to keep an eye on him because he loves stealing out of trash cans and really loves my test quilt sandwiches to chew on if he happens to find one that made its way to the floor.  I call him the shark!


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