Bits and Pieces

Some of my String Blocks
Bonnie Hunter Method

Strings and Things!
Last week we happened to be in Target and I remembered needing a few new bins to contain my growing “string” collection so I picked one up.  I was able to consolidate all my strings into one bin and separate out my crumbs into another.  I couldn’t believe how many strings I had!  Some of them are too narrow to sew into blocks so those will be either saved for fabric basket making or thrown out, I’m not sure which yet.

I pulled a handful out and plopped it into a basket so I could work on some more string blocks on Betty (Singer 201-2). They sew up quickly at this size (4.5″ square) and I’m able to use lots of strings to make pretty scrappy blocks.  I’m hoping I can do a rather large quilt out of all of them when I’m done.

I need to trim up more coffee filters so they are ready to be sewn on!  I also have two big boxes of Kabinet Wax paper that I can trim into BIG blocks and make very large string rectangles or squares.  I’m not sure what size I want those to be yet so I haven’t open the boxes up.

Commission update:
The last week I’ve been making lots of progress on the last three quilt tops.  All of the blocks are now sewn into rows so the final step will be sewing the rows together to finish the tops.  I’m sooo close to having them finished.  I should have them done by Friday and will quilt them in a few weeks.  The other five quilts need to be trimmed and squared up.  I’ve got binding cut for two of them and yardage ready to be cut for the other three.  I’m going to be making LOTS of binding over the next few weeks I think.  So while I’m waiting to get back to my longarm rental I’ll be trimming and binding quilts. Hoping I can use my embroidery machine to label them!

Notion Review:

Quilt Binding Express

Quilt Binding Express: I ordered this a while ago and even though shipping took forever I was happy to get it.  It is smaller than what I thought it would be and I wasn’t sure how well it would work but I was willing to take a gamble. 

I like the printed areas showing how big the finished binding should be once it is ironed and folded over.  It really helps you line it up straight and make sure the fold is straight as you iron.  Pulling it through the little notch doesn’t exactly make it fold perfectly – I had to adjust it as I went – but I figured out how to make it work the best and ironed away.  As long as the edge with the notches are free and open so the fabric feeds through it works much better.

Does it save time?  I’m not sure yet.  I’ll have to use it a bit more.  It feels like it but I’m not sure if it saves me $26 worth of time.

My Interview with Rhonda of Quilter in the Gap Podcast
Last week after work I was interviewed by phone for the Quilter in the Gap podcast.  It was Rhonda’s first phone interview that she recorded and we had lots of fun chatting.  Give it a listen!  I also e-mailed her photos of the current state of my sewing studio if you care to take a look.

Dirt Cupcakes
Today we had a big Halloween celebration at my office and I baked dirt cupcakes for the occasion.  It is such an easy recipe and they come out too cute for words.  Give them a try if you haven’t already!  You can make a whole cake or individual cupcakes depending on your preference.

Here is the recipe:

1 Box of Devil’s Food Cake Mix
1 Can of Chocolate Frosting
1 Tray of Oreo cookies
1 Bag of Gummy Worms

Bake cupcakes according to directions on cake mix box. Set aside and allow to cool. Crush Oreo cookies in food processor quite well and dump into a medium bowl. When cupcakes are cool, frost and dip the tops into the oreo crumbs. I use a spatula to push them in so they stick. Poke a hole in the top with a chopstick or wooden spoon and stuff a worm down inside.  Enjoy!