English Paper Piecing – Video Tutorials

I’ve recorded my first video tutorials! I thought I’d show you how I do my English Paper Pieced hexagons so here are two videos showing how to thread baste and how to sew the hexagons together. 


  1. I have caught the hexagon bug lately after watching lots of UTube videos, listening to your podcasts, and reading lots of books. I want to make a grandmother's flower garden for my queen size bed. Maybe it's a little adventurous having only made one table topper and one twin size quilt, but it sounds like it will be fun, and not a hard method to learn. Great videos by the way!

  2. Your videos are fantastic Katie. I'm trying very hard not to get tempted and start doing the hexagon flower craze…

  3. I'd love to make a grandma's flower garden too, for my sisters baby due in May.

    Thanks for the chance 😀

  4. To be honest I'm not sure. But I think I'll start with something small – perhabs a mug-rug……….

  5. I'd make a small wall quilt – and I love EPP! The biggest problem is my mental block about hand piecing and machine quilting – otherwise it would probably be much bigger!

  6. Thanks for teaching. I enjoyed watching your video. This would be a great travel project. I have a 16 hour flight from Dubai to Houston on November 2nd. I have always admired Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts.

  7. This would be a perfect "travel project"! I am expecting to be spending lots of time waiting in doctor's offices and I would make good use of this technique. How I would use it in a quilt? Maybe a paper pieced yoke on a jacket I think.

  8. Hi Katie,

    A lot of podcasters are getting the hexi bug and I would like to give it a try. Initially, I think a table runner would be a good start.Thanks for the offer.

  9. Hi Katie,
    I actually already know how to do this [I've been quilting for >40 years :~)], but it is nice to watch someone else do it. One can always learn from others.
    I enjoy your podcast and you DID remind me that I like to do handwork when I've the time.

  10. I have just began quilting and I never tried English Paper Piecing; would love to learn. Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  11. I love handpiecing, so English paper piecing fits in with that love. I would go for a different mosaic look than a Grandmother's Flower Garden, I think. I'd have to scour the internet for tile floors and walls to make this quilt, I think.

  12. I loved the videos. A quilt guild member gave me some paper hexagons that I plan making a table topper. I also love listening to your podcasts. You are quite a remarkable young woman.

  13. I would like to try English Paper Piecing – I'd try something small first like a coaster. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  14. Sassy Coconut says:

    I have been trying Hexis by machine quilting them but I'd Love to give English Paper Piecing a try! It's my First time trying them -and I may be crazy But my first attempt at hexis is actually going to be a gift!

  15. Raenada Judd says:

    Would love to know the size of paper hexagon you used in your YouTube

  16. GREAT tutorial. I want to start a quilt and this tutorial is just what I was looking for!! Thank you!

  17. Louise Schrijnemakers says:

    Hello Katie, Imlove your website and tutorials! I am a quilter from the Netherlands, living in Germany at the moment. After seeing your tutorials, I started the English paper piecing. But now I wonder how to “stop”, or better how to bind the little flower quilt I made. Because I cannot take out the cardboard hexagons at the borders, how do I quit at the edges? Do you have a simple suggestion for me? Good luck with your website, you’r in my favourites!

    • Hi Louise!

      I know some people use half diamond shapes to “square off” the edges of their hexagon quilts. I haven’t gotten far enough in my quilt to attempt finishing it. My original plan was to quilt it and then square off the edges using a ruler before binding it so the entire quilt was square. I’d press everything with starch and then remove the templates before quilting them. Not everyone does this though.

      I kind of like this method where she uses more hexagons to create a unique binding though I do wonder how durable it is: optional finish for hexie quilts

      • Hi Katie,
        Great tutorials. I just started blogging (again) and was going to post some pics of some flowers that I have been making. Rather than being redundant, do you mind if I link to your blog tutorial and give credit to you. I love thread basting this way! It was one of those “Why didn’t I think of this before?” moments. In the video you said that you trim away the excess in the back. Did you do that before removing your paper or at what stage did you choose to do the trimming? Your fabric choices are beautiful!!

      • Sure – feel free to link away.

        I typically trim the excess once all the petals are sewn to all six of the hexagon sizes so it is stabilized and I don’t have to worry about distortion. I don’t trim much away, just enough to get the bulky parts out of the back.

  18. Laura Chappel says:

    I got to say i really do appreciate you videos!!! This now make complete sense on what i was doing not exactly the correct way. Thank you for your explanation!

    • Glad you found them helpful Laura and I hope you enjoy playing with hexies!

      • Laura Chappel says:

        Yes, where i am redoing alot of them that were completely off. But also like you, i only do my English piece when we do long car rides from NY to Bama and back.


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