27 – Needle and thread, “The Modern Garden” gets finished and I practice feathers galore!

Sketched freeform feathers
Sketched Freeform Feathers

If you missed my post on finishing “The Modern Garden” go take a look! Tons of pics.
Follow me on Instagram! (Free iPhone app to share fun photos you can edit in the app).  I do lots of quilty pix along with corgi pix.
The Accuquilt Go! Gets another workout thanks to Lauren. Giveaway winners are announced and packages were mailed out yesterday! (Side note: No wonder the USPS is seeing a huge drop in First Class mailings. Their people aren’t very friendly.)
Work plans a Halloween table and my creative talents get put to good use!
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**New quilting podcasts to try out:**

Another book rec’d from Paperback Swap – Windows with Style – Do-it-yourself Window Treatments


Basic definitions:

Mercerized thread – A chemical and heat process that increases the luster of the thread.  During the mercerizing process, fuzzy threads are burned off creating a smoother surface.  The smooth surface reflects light increasing the luster of the thread.  Also increases water absorbancy making the thread easier to dye. Nearly all cotton thread is now mercerized.
Staple – the length of the raw material fiber.
Glazed (silk-finish or polished)– heating the thread and then coating it with waxes, starches and other chemicals. Three different terms are generally used to specify thread that has gone through this process.
Weight – Usually the higher the number the thinner the thread.  50 weight thread is thinner than 30 weight thread and so on.  Just be aware that weight classification of thread can be misleading at times.
Metallic Threads – simple tips for using metallics
Troubleshooting problems
·         Problems con’t – (Part 2)
Needle Education – making sure you are using the correct needle for the fabric and thread you are working with is really important!
8 Video Series on Thread Education Presented by Superior Threads (a little less than an hour in length if you watch all of them):


  1. Love your feather sketches.


  2. Thanks for the name of the new podcast, Katie. When I was looking at Itunes, I stumbled across another one – Qusew. I've downloaded them but haven't listened yet.

  3. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for your recent podcast, as always very enjoyable and informative. I'll check out the Quilting Pot Podcast. Check out my blog for my recent projects. I'm also enjoying my Acquilt and have been cutting a lot of shapes to make a Bonnie Hunter scrap quilt.All the best.