Fabric Diet Update

The Beautiful Reorganized Fabric Closet

I’ve made it past the 2 week mark on my fabric diet!

So far two people have decided to join me – Celia and Jill! They both e-mailed me their goals so we’re gonna support eachother through this very difficult time.  Jill said she wants to try to diet until February when she goes to a big quilt show. Send positive thoughts to all of us please!

I’ve made all sorts of progress on my goals during my diet.  Right now I think I’m really proud of how my fabric closet looks and the fact that I can see all my fabric at a glance!

I purchased some stuff from QuiltSmart including a pattern for a Grandmother’s Fan quilt which I’m hoping to incorporate a lot of my oriental fabrics into.

Thanksgiving weekend I want to reorganize my room and go through some of my drawers and stuff.  I’m going to box up some stuff that I don’t want and either sell it or give it away. I also want to corral my UFOs and prioritize them.

I think the hardest part has been getting all these amazing coupon notices in my e-mail and snail mail for sales that are coming up.  I knew Black Friday would be the hardest thing but I’m hoping maybe I’ll find a good sale on thread, patterns or a cutting table and put that to good use!

I really need neutrals.  Once I come off the diet that is the first thing I’m gonna stock up on.

I still have an entire drawer of Holiday fabrics I need to go through and organize. Maybe I can do that while I record Episode 29 of the podcast?

Tomorrow we’re supposed to get the first clue to Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery Quilt Orca Bay! Apparently I’m not the only person chomping at the bit.


  1. Hi Katie, its getting very hard not to buy fabric…. I'm actually planning to use fabric as a diversion tp BUYING fabric. Your fabric closet is looking good…

  2. Good luck! Your closet looks great! I've been trying not to buy but it is hard! The easiest way is to stay out of the stores but then I don't see anyone ;-(.

  3. Nancy James says:

    Hey Katie I'm here from Bonnie's blog. I'm a newbie and want to learn all I can from her and all you ladies that share so generously. I was reading your blog and see that you may have some scraps to give away. If so, I would love to take them off your hands, lol. Please keep me in mind. I don't have much of a stash yet, just a few fat quarters so far. My info is….skysnaina@cfl.rr.com