Fabric Diet Update

I’m hitting that point in my fabric diet where I’m having some bad withdrawal. I keep reminding myself I only have two weeks left.

I managed to make it through Black Friday despite a really good sale on Flannels and other fabrics that various stores were having.  I haven’t been browsing Ebay very much.  For the most part I’ve been staying out of stores altogether which has helped the whole fabric diet stay on track.

While organizing my fabric closet I was able to pull out a lot of stuff that can be cut into scrap block units or strips for fabric bowls and I think that helped me realize what type of fabrics I should be looking for in the future. I really need to work on replenishing my neutral stash so I can start using up my other colors and working through my scrap fabrics.

I realize my stash probably doesn’t come close to other quilters stashes, especially those of you that have been doing it for 10+ years.  To me, my stash seems big since I know I could create many, many projects with what I have to work with right now before running out. Between the kits that I have (3) and the jelly rolls ( 7-8), and the charm packs (9-10 unopened) that could keep me busy for a while.  On top of this I have tons of scrap fabrics that can be sewn into quilts.  I really want to do a massive scrappy pinwheel quilt one day which is why I’ve been cutting so many charms on my Accuquilt Go!

Working on Orca Bay has been really fun and I love seeing a portion of my scrap fabrics turn into something pretty. It is motivating to have a group of folks working on the same thing too. Even though I’m a bit behind (I blame my husband being off work this week) I still see myself completing this quilt by next spring.

Thinking about all of these things makes me wonder – do I really need to stop the fabric diet in two weeks?  Other than neutrals what do I need to buy so badly to keep me busy? Just looking in my room I can see I’ve got lots of stuff to work on, UFOs to finish etc.

I think I’m going to set up some sort of reward system for myself. If I finish a UFO or a big project that has been languishing in my sewing studio I can reward myself with a fabric purchase or a visit to my LQS. Like when I get my corded fabric bowl tutorial up on my website – I think that will call for a reward.  I’ll also be able to save my money up to spend it on really good quality fabric rather than lots of crappy quality fabric.

One exciting bit of news that I don’t think I’ve mentioned yet is that I was asked to teach a few classes at my LQS on fabric bowl making.  🙂 I’ll be able to really start earning my keep!

I finished a new corgi project last week that I forgot to share photos of.  It is available on Etsy.  The applique fabrics came from my scrap pile.  I was happy to use them up on something so fun.