Facing Reality & Having Some Fun

Tonight I sat down and realized I just don’t have enough time to put something together for the International Quilt Festival of Ireland.  Even if I didn’t work on anything else until mid-January I just don’t feel like I could do an exhibit piece justice in the middle of holiday season and all the other myriad things that come up.  After deciding I wasn’t going to worry with it I felt better even though I was a little sad.

I’ve just got too much going on to start stacking up more things on my plate.  It seems like when I get one thing finished two or three things hop on so I’ve gotta re-prioritize and think about what I really want to do.

Tonight what I really wanted to do was cut out some more triangles for the Orca Bay mystery quilt and then when I got tired of that I sandwiched one of my new corgi wallhanging tops and quilted it. I think it turned out really cute.  Can’t wait to get the binding on it and list it on Etsy.  I love the color scheme so much it hurts to let it go!

Saying “no” sometimes is an important thing even if it is hard.  I’m so looking forward to getting off work early tomorrow, picking up a few things at the grocery store and hanging out with the corgis.  Basil is getting a pre-Thanksgiving bath so he is fresh for the drive up to the in-laws. The other two corgis are getting furminated.

I think Basil looks so cute when he gets a bath don’t you?

Basil Getting a Bath


  1. Hey Katie, I think it is good that you decied not to try the Ireland Quilt festival project. There will be many other opportunities no reason to stress yourself out. So many other fun things going on. Glad to see your progress on Orca Bay. I finished step one but my house is a mess and we have 15 people coming over tomorrow. Oh Well! I just listened to your most recent pod-cast we have some other thngs in common! Daisy had bladder stones too and we went to a specialist after scaring us to death that she might have bladder cancer they said they had to operate. 4,000 dollars later they opened her up and couldn't find any stones! I was so furious the poor thing had to go through that for nothing and I was only able to get them to refund us 400.00 even though I think they should have refunded us the entire amount! So we can't get the insurance either but for the next dog I will totally do it. Not to make this post too long I just wanted to let you know that I am also a big pin-ball fan. I wish the machines were not so expensive. The only place I have been able to find to play around here is Chuckie Cheese and they only have one machine. I was the crazy mom who didn't mind taking my kids there back in the day because I would play pinball the whole time. I did find several fun i-phone pin-ball games. Not the same but at least they are always available!

  2. Coming from someone who has a lot of trouble saying no and is constantly dealing with too much on the plate, I think you are VERY smart to recognize when it's time to say no. I wish I was better at it 🙂 And yep, Basil is totally adorable!