Go on a Diet with Me!

It’s that time of year that everyone dreads sticking to a diet.  Holidays are coming up and that means parties, luncheons, family dinners and treats. I’m not talking about that kind of diet though! I’m talking about a fabric diet.

One of my 2011 goals was to go on a fabric diet for two months.  I didn’t plan on it to be consecutive but I’m going to give it my best shot.  I’m not making holiday gifts this year unless they use the stash I already have.

Want to join me? You don’t have to do anything special. All you need to do is write a short blog post talking about your fabric diet.  You can include things like: how long your diet is going to be, why you are doing this diet, what are you going to focus on instead of purchasing fabric (or thread or whatever), and offer support to others that are joining into the diet too! If you have exceptions to the diet you can list those as well.

Link your blog on the linky list below with your fabric diet plans.  Start and stop your fabric diet whenever you want!  I do encourage you to try and do at least two weeks.  Visit other blogs linked below and leave encouraging comments and suggestions.


2011 Fabric Diet Challenge
2011 Fabric Diet Challenge

My fabric diet goal:

  • 45 days starting Nov. 1, 2011

What do I hope to accomplish:

  • Reorganization of my current stash
    • Re-fold yardage in same manner so they line up on my shelves
    • Pull out fabrics that are less than 1/2 a yard and throw into scrap pile for cutting up in scrap users system
  • Reorganization of my scrap fabrics
  • Use of my current stash for any holiday gifts I might make
  • Cataloging what I have too much of and not enough of so when my diet is over I know what I need
  • Prioritizing UFOs so I can begin working on them around Christmas-time and start knocking them out
  • Building up a thread stash of good quality threads for embroidery and piecing
  • Cleaning out the craft studio and rehoming things that I no longer need
  • Saving up for a cutting table
I will be very busy finishing commission quilts and reorganizing my craft room and hopefully keep my butt out of fabric shops!
Exceptions: If I need to purchase fabric for my quilt guild that doesn’t count since it technically isn’t my money and I won’t be using the item made (I.E. – creating fabric flowers for awards and such). I don’t think I’ll be making those purchases until January next year though.


  1. I that a real pic of you stash? Impressive! I am actually not muh of a stasher. I buy everything I need for one project and keep them together. Btw… I like your scrap system!

  2. No that isn't a pic of my actual stash thankfully – though I wish I had shelving like that available to store my fabrics. Mine is much smaller but I still feel like it is growing way too large for my taste.

    Bonnie's scrap users system is so wonderful. It really changed my outlook on what to do with these bits and pieces that I've got hanging around and can't bare to throw away.

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  4. I may consider joining you on this diet… it wont be easy…

  5. Well, this will be very easy as I've been on one for quite a while now. I want to get some UFO's completed & decided not to purchase any fabric for new projects – IF I want to do one I will use that which I have in the stash or my re-purpose bin – and only purchase fabric if absolutely necessary to complete a UFO. I have been successful so far & I starte this at the beginning of 2011. I a slow worker in the fiber arts department as I work very much full-time and don't have a lot of time to craft. But I have completed a couple of quilts and some other smaller projects without buying new fabric. In fact the only fabric I have purchased is for a quilt challenge for our quilting group to participate in a special presentation at our Spring 2012 Quilt Show.