A Little Sewing Therapy

Yesterday was kind of a stressful day for me as my middle dog, Basil, had to go visit the orthopedic vet to see how bad his knee has become. This involved running all over Tampa and back to work after dropping him off.  Thankfully, my vet thinks he’s figured out what the issue is (this has been going on since January and no one could really pinpoint the problem with his lameness) so we’re trying a new medication out before surgery is discussed. 

His ACL is tearing slowly in his knee which is what the orthopedic vet suspected in April but couldn’t be sure so we tried resting him all this time to see if it improved and it hasn’t. I’m crossing my fingers meds give him some relief!

The poor little guy was so sore and tired when we got home. 

I decided to do a little sewing therapy instead of working on my current projects. Sewing really helps me get out of my own head for a bit and calm down (unless I’m about to quilt a new top, then I’ve got anxiety). I wanted to design and piece a new wallhanging for Etsy so I got to work pulling fabrics out of my scrap bin and tracing the appliques. 

I’ll have three different fabric themes for the same top and I got the first one done last night.  The appliques for the others are cut out but they haven’t been pieced or fused to background fabric yet.  I love the first one though!  The green and the brown fabrics compliment each other. 

The letters were a little tricky with the curves but I’ve gotten lots of practice on satin stitch around letters so I was able to do them at full sewing speed so the curves looked natural. I need to take a video one day of it. 

I was able to finish the first top before I went to bed and I love it! I can’t wait to see i quilted and put on Etsy for the holiday season.  I think other corgi owners are gonna adore them. 

Gotta love some sewing therapy to get you out of a funk!


  1. Poor Basil! It's so hard to see them hurting. Good thoughts that this medicine will do the trick! Give him a hug for me!

    Your wall hanging is turning out fantastic! I so agree about applique on curves. You've got to keep the machine moving. It gives you the best results.

    Shari K.

  2. Hi Katie,
    I am really enjoying yur pod-cast and would like to join you in your fabric diet and am going to do the Bonnie Hunter mystery as well.
    I just wanted to mention that my Westie suddenly developed lameness in one leg and it turned out to be Lyme Disease. I live in VA where there are far more cases than in FL but I did see that some cases have been reported. After two days on anti-biotics she was soo much better. I think it is an easy blood test and might be worth a try if they havn't tested for it.My Daisy got it even though we faithfully use advantix every month.
    I hope Basil gets better soon it is so hard to watch your dog in pain when you can't explain it to them!

  3. A corgi! So sorry Basil's not doing well. I have a corgi named Humphrey Bogart. Humphrey and I send our best to Basil, get well soon!

  4. Will be praying for poor little Basil! My youngest dog is currently scheduled for surgery for her dislocated tendon (her third surgery)to take place on Tuesday. Not exactly the best birthday present I could have asked for but at least she'll (Hopefully) be fine after this one. Sending lots of sympathy to you and Basil!