Moving On

On Saturday I spent five hours at the quilt shop working on the longarm and finishing my last three Christmas commission quilts.  I was so glad to have those done! I had a few issues with the machine (it needs to be serviced) but worked through it and got them finished.

The thread kept popping out of one of the loops that helps to feed it into the needle properly so I’d have to watch it carefully as I was meandering across the quilt top.  If it popped out I’d get skipped stitches in my quilting. 

I did manage to remember how to load my quilts onto the frame without having to ask! My problem has always been which side of the canvas to pin the fabric onto – if you get it backwards it can cause issues.  I got it right the first time and what I end up doing is leaving a pin in the canvas on the “correct” side so I know right away when I load my next quilt what to do.

Yesterday I spent most of the afternoon putting on binding and labels for the three quilts. Once they finished washing (thank God for Shout Color Catchers) and drying I packed them up with the rest of them and all eight were picked up that evening.  I was happy I got them done before Thanksgiving! I didn’t photograph any of the finished quilts because it was dark, there were so many and I didn’t have a large area to do it in.

I took myself out for sushi dinner to celebrate and had a nice time.  I think it is relaxing to get out and do dinner by yourself sometimes and I feel confident being able to do that without feeling weird or lonely.

Once I got home I pulled out a quilt top that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while and decided to pin baste it so I could begin quilting it.  Remember this?

I pulled out my backing fabric that I’ve been saving for it and cut it to size, added batting and started pinning.  It didn’t take long at all (this is a wall-hanging size top) so I did some free motion practice and started quilting it. I stared at it for a while not sure if I should try out the free motion feathers on the top but figured what the heck, if it looks bad I won’t show it to anyone. Does anyone else have anxiety over quilting a top they really like?
I don’t think it looks too bad. 
I’m going to fill in empty areas with micro stippling. I like the movement it gives the background behind the butterfly.  I’m debating whether to add some thread painting to the butterfly or not – I’m going to see how I like the background before figuring out what to add to the butterflies, if anything.
I tried recording Episode 29 last night but the sound quality wasn’t great.  Not sure what is up with my new microphone but it is acting funky. Might have to only use it for interviews or something.  Will try again next weekend.


  1. Katie I love your feathers – they are fab!

  2. Love the feathers!!! Can't wait until I can FMQ as well as you do.

  3. Your feathers are awesome! I haven't tried to do feathers yet because I'm afraid I'll mess my quilt up! LOL!
    I found a place nearby that offers rental of long arms and a class to take beforehand so I'm definitely going to do that. I love hearing about your progress…thanks for sharing!

  4. That was my post above…not sure why it says anonymous…