Orca Bay Update

Quarter square triangles

While the hubby was posting some stuff on eBay I took the time to do a few test units of the first part of the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. It involves making 224 hourglass units out of black and neutral fabrics. The units finish at 2.5″ square.

I wanted to see if my seam allowance was still working well and so I cut enough to do three units.

They came out okay I think – a smidge under size so I might nudge my needle over a tad to make sure they aren’t coming out too small.  The triangle units are so tiny I think they’re scooting a bit when they get to the end of the seam.  I’m having to use my Purple Thang to make sure they stay straight.

Should be a fun project for Sunday!  Looking forward to seeing the pile grow over the weekend.  Update: Didn’t get to work on these on Sunday as I was putting together my new cutting table and doing quilt guild stuff.  Oh well! Monday should be more productive.

Tomorrow I attend the Southern Pinball Festival and home to come home with lots of photos! If I had my real wish come true I’d come home with a new pinball machine but that probably isn’t going to happen.  Oh well!  Should make for a fun day.  🙂  (See pix from the festival on my blog here)

Another update (11/22/11): I’ve got half of the sets cut out.  Hoping I can finish cutting tonight so I can start sewing!


  1. The units look nice. I have started mine too !!!
    The method I'm using is cutting a 3 1/2" square and then on the diagonal. Because I don't want too have duplicates, I'm swapping with another quilter the pairs. I'll blog my progress tomorrow.

  2. Super cute! I picked up a stylus with my Joann coupon a few weeks ago and it has come in handy for keeping those tiny seems straight.

  3. I'm anxiously watching your progress on this 🙂 I'm betting it's going to be a fantastic quilt! Enjoy your Sunday…hope Basil is feeling better.

  4. I have about 20 blocks done…other's in various states…wishing you lots of sewing time today!

  5. Looks like you are going to have some interesting neutrals in there. They may not be done but you got a new sewing table. Yippee!

  6. I'm looking at some of the links posted on Bonnie's page and it's fun to see what others are doing and how they are progressing. You've done a great job so far – the cutting is always the slowest part when you're working with so many tiny pieces. The stitching will be a breeze 🙂

  7. They look so perfect ! It's going to be a wonderful quilt

  8. Your little hourglasses look great. I have the same problem when I get to the end they move on me and I am not as accurate as I should be.