Is that fabric basket giving birth to another basket?

I’m still sick but I’m making progress in the right direction.

I didn’t venture out all weekend which the corgis loved. Most of my time was spent on the couch wrapping fabric onto cotton cording to make more fabric bowls.  I love making fabric bowls but the wrapping takes forever so it is best to spend that time doing it in a comfy place until you have it all done and need to sew it all together.

I’m still working on my tutorial I promise! I’m hoping I can get it done soon so everyone can get addicted to fabric bowls like me.

No Black Friday purchases were made and I still managed to stay true to my fabric diet! I did snag a new Ottlight for my sewing room and a lightbox.

Last night I decided to give my new Carol Dokes paper a try so I printed out some of her free paper piecing patterns and started on one of them.  About 20 minutes into it I figured out there was a mistake on the pattern (the #1 block was mislabeled) and ended up having to scrap it.  I think I got the process down though. I started a second sample block and I’m excited to see how that turns out.

Byron’s favorite sleepytime position
I’m hoping I can finish up my string blocks for Orca Bay step #2 before Friday but I don’t know if I’m going to feel up to it. Also not helping me is the fact that my husband is off work this week so he is home each night when I get off work.  I like seeing him lots more but boy does it take away from my sewing time! Not sure what I’m gonna do if he gets a regular 8-5 job again.

The corgis are all doing quite well. Those that follow me on Instagram know Byron has been having lots of fun cuddling with me on the couch during my convalescence. They all kind of rotate and take turns sitting in my lap.

Anyone else watch Gone with the Wind on AMC over Thanksgiving holiday?  After that I finally broke down and ordered myself the DVD set.


  1. The Carol Doaks paper is one of the best I've used when paper piecing. I also like using the add-a-quarter ruler!

  2. I never thought of wrapping the cord ahead of time…what a super idea!
    Hope you are feeling much better.