Swap Updates and upcoming swaps

The Quiltcast Supergroup Swap group has lots of fun swaps coming up! 

Our last swap for the year is a Mug Rug swap and the signup deadline for that is today, November 1. Each person will send out two mug rugs, one to each partner, based on the partners preferences listed in their profile if they have any.  You can be as creative as you like!  Mug Rugs are great practice for building quilting skills as you do all the steps for quilting but on a much smaller scale.

We are taking December off so everyone can work on their own holiday projects without distraction.

Next year I already have several swaps planned through March. Many of the members expressed interest in doing more block swaps or finished projects so I’m working to incorporate more of those into the schedule.

  • Crumb Block Swap – You will be assigned 4 partners and will send each partner 5 crumb blocks that are 4.5″ square. Start saving up those crumbs! These blocks sew up rather quickly and become addictive.
    • Signup by January 2, 2012. All packages must be sent out by January 31, 2012. This swap is international.
  • Ugly Fabric Swap – Part 1 – Fill a small flat rate priority mail box (or something larger if you wish) with all the ugly fabric you don’t ever want to see again in your stash and send it off to one partner. 
    • Signup by February 1, 2012 and your package must be mailed out by February 29, 2012.  Swap limited to US/Canada only.
  • Ugly Fabric Swap – Part 2 – Choose one ugly fabric from the box you received (or from your own stash if you were not able to participate in Part 1) and create something with it to send to your partner. The item must be completely finished and ready to use or display when it is received. You are allowed to use an unlimited amount of additional fabrics when creating the item.
    • Signup by March 1, 2012 and your finished item must be mailed out by March 31, 2012. Swap limited to US/Canada only.

The Quiltcast Supergroup Swap group started as a group of quilty podcast listeners that were interested in doing swaps of quilty stuff. We’re a year old and going strong! You can join for free and have some fun with us.  We welcome any quilter.  We host a variety of swaps, some International and some Domestic (US/Canada only).