WIP Wednesday

I’m at 300 sets now…. 150 to go

Finishes this week: 1 Cardigan Wallhanging (on Etsy now)

Works in Progress: 3 (Orca Bay Mystery Quilt, Butterfly Quilt, Corgi Wallhangings)

Projects on hold: Too numerous to list

I cut for over an hour last night on the Orca Bay triangles before getting bored and decided to detour into quilting a top I had hanging on my clothes rack. I’m hoping I can get some stuff listed on Etsy prior to Christmas and maybe it’ll sell.

I love my Kwik Klip! How did I do pin basting all this time without it? Speeds up the process and saves my fingers.  Genius.

The corgi wall hanging took a few hours to quilt.  I used mint green thread and brown thread for the quilting.  I love the straight line quilting on the border – I think it looks really nice.  (Hard to see in my iPhone photo but when it is bound I’ll take real photos outside).

I’ll probably bind it tonight and photograph it tomorrow in the natural light outside. This weekend I’ll probably be working on a commission that came in late for a ribbon quilt and working on quilting these corgi tops and hopefully my butterfly quilt will make some progress too.

I got the Supreme Slider in and was able to use it for the first time last night.  I think I noticed a difference.  Even though I use an acrylic extension table I can still feel drag on it and the Supreme Slider helped to lessen the drag on the quilt. I was surprised with how small it is though – I thought it would be bigger. It is only as big as a sheet of letter size paper.

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  1. I agree about the Quick Clip – I have had one for years, but still have people ask me about when they see me use it.

  2. C'on Katie, you can't get bored with the Orca Bay triangles, you have to persevere as Part 2 is coming soon..