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WIP Wednesday – I’m BACK!

I’m not sure where to start I’ve been so busy! Here is a summary of my week:

Projects finished: 5 (3 twin quilts, 2 mug rugs)
Works in Progress: 6 (Cardigan wallhanging, butterfly quilt, Moda Origins Jelly Roll Quilt, Twist and Shout Mystery Quilt, Aviary charms tumbling blocks quilt, jelly roll lone star quilt)
Stuff on hold: 2 (strip twist blocks, tilted 4 patch blocks)

 I guess I’ll start with the major project and work my way down.

The quilting on my butterfly quilt is going slow.  I’m taking my time with it so I don’t mess up the feathers.  Before I do a section I take it off the machine and stare at it to figure out how I want the feathers to flow.  I’m not sure I like the mixture of the small scale versus the large scale feathers in the middle but I’m gonna stick with it since I’ve got large and small areas to fill in.  The really small areas are going to get the micro-stippling treatment.

Butterfly Quilt in Progress
Butterfly Quilt in Progress

Pam (of Hip to be a Square podcast) gave me a really good suggestion for the inside of the butterfly wings and I’m totally going to do it! She suggested doing swirly, flowy patterns inside the wings and that is what I’m gonna do.  I think I remember Sulky having a really pretty, sparkly, iridescent thread that I’m gonna try out on the wings and see how I like it.

Isn’t the backing pretty?

Butterfly Quilt in Progress

Since Saturday I’ve been working on reorganizing my fabric closet.  Here are the before and after shots so you can get an idea of how bad my situation was:


Studio Tour

Re-designed fabric closet with mini bolts!
Re-designed fabric closet with mini bolts!
Re-designed fabric closet with mini bolts!

I’m using mini-bolts (see tutorial here) for anything a half-yard or larger. I’ve got the fat quarters folded up on the front of the shelves until I can find a better place for them.

I took me a good 9-10 hours total to reorganize everything and get my fabric folded up.  I found stuff I didn’t remember buying! I also trimmed out pieces of fabric that had been cut from for applique so that all that is folded up is usable yardage.  Needless to say, my Accuquilt scrap fabric crate is overflowing with stuff for me to cut out.

I feel a lot better now that everything is mostly organized.  I’m not 100% happy with the closet yet but at least I’m getting somewhere.

While organizing my closet I found blocks and sashing for a wallhanging that I was working on last year.  So I threw it together last night and quilted it.  I had enough extra binding to go on it so I did that too and it is halfway to being completely finished! I’m gonna put it on Etsy for the Christmas season.  I’m hoping to get some more corgi stuff up on Etsy before Christmas so I can sell a few things and use up some of my scrap batting and fabrics.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Wall Hanging (soon to be on Etsy)
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Wall Hanging (soon to be on Etsy)
When I don’t feel like doing anything else or I don’t have a lot of time to do something else I sit down at my string block station and sew up some string blocks.  Everything is set up for me there to immediately sit down and sew (minus the iron). Those papers taped to the wall keep my blocks from falling down behind my sewing cabinet.  This happened like 4 times before I rigged up that little system to prevent it from happening again.  Betty enjoys sewing the string blocks I think!
String Block Station
String Block Station
String Block Station
String Block Station

This is the big bin that now holds all my strings for string blocks:

String Block Station
String Block Station

Yikes! I can only imagine how many blocks I’m gonna get out of it. I better stock up on coffee filters (tear away stabilizer for strings and applique).

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
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  1. You've been busy! The feathers round your butterflies are gorgeous! And is that a vintage Singer I see??!! I started with a treadle that looked like that, sewed through anything too!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link for the folding of the material. Your shelves look so tidy. I recently went through my cabinet to organize my fabrics and it took me most of one Saturday. Folding and sorting takes a lot of time. I think I will check into the comic book boards, though.

    Your butterfly quilt is so attractive. Your free-motion feathers are very nice looking.

  3. In one of your podcasts you mentioned something about wishing you had chosen a different shape for your hexagons. I might be remember incorrectly, but what your comment made me think of was hexagon quilts where there are diamond pieces in between the hexagon flowers. I wondered if that would appeal to you.

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