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Corded Fabric Bowl Video Tutorial

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**Important Sewing machine requirements**

  • Your sewing machine must be able to fit the wrapped cording under the presser foot in order to create the bowl so make sure the presser foot can raise off of the sewing machine bed rather high (1/4” – ½”) I recommend testing your machine with the cording to see if it will fit. If you know your presser foot won’t lift up very high make sure to get thin cotton cording.
  • Must be capable of a zig-zag stitch
  • Must have a STRONG motor that can sew through several layers of fabric without a problem.
  • Needle up/down helpful but not necessary
  • Solid Braid Cotton Clothesline (1/4-inch- to 3/8-inch-diameter) – Order 200 feet from Amazon for $11 – 50 feet or more: Look for bundles at quilt shops or discount fabric shops. You can also order bundles online pretty cheaply. Make sure it is cotton or cotton/poly blend and avoid the ones that have the “synthetic core” as they make sewing through them hard to do and might break your needle.
  • ¾ – 1 yard of assorted fabric strips cut – ½” – ¾” wide – cut Selvage to Selvage. These will make a small/med size bowl. Small bowls can be made with one fat quarter. You can use multiple fat quarters to equal the total yardage requirement and it makes wrapping easier to already have it at that length!

Your fabric does NOT have to be cut precisely but does help to have at least one edge that is mostly straight. Save your strips that you cut off the end of your yardage as you straighten your cuts. The strips should be at least 20” long. If cutting from yardage be sure to cut your strips in half afterwards so that each length is 20-22” long. If you wish for your bowl to color coordinate use fabrics of the same color or tone.

If you want to have a bowl with less frayed edges showing use batik fabrics as they don’t fray as much or you can cut your strips on the bias to prevent fraying.

  • A small paper binder clip or hair clip: (this will hold the strip of fabric as you are wrapping it to the clothesline). One or two clips will do in case you misplace one. I love the little Vera Bradley clips that come as a set, they work perfectly and are really cute too!
  • Thread: Color choice is up to you. If you want your thread to contrast your fabric bring something bright and fun. If you want it to blend in bring a neutral or a color to match your strips. This can completely change the look of your bowl depending on what you use. Variegated or blender threads often look fantastic when used in fabric bowl making.
  • 90/14 or Denim Needle Recommended

For more elaborate designs please refer to the book It’s a Wrap or It’s a Wrap II.

Video Tutorial Part 1 – How to Wrap, Sewing your bowl base and joining strips

Video Tutorial Part II – How to Slope Your Sides and How to End your Bowl
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