30 – Tutorials Galore, Recovery, Guild Stuff, Life Changes


I created two new tutorials that you might find helpful!

I was sick for about a week but I’m starting to feel better (I think I edited out all of the coughs)
paper piecing
life changes
Fabric Diet update
Scheduling Speakers
Quilts in progress
Butterfly Quilt (new thread!)
Other stuff
Book ┬áReview – Tips for Quilters – Rachel T. Pellman


  1. I enjoyed this episode. I still have not broken the diet! I have been tempted the internet is a killer with temptation. Just knowing I would have to confess is a great motivater so thanks for that! I have been the VP of my guild four times and I wanted to pass along a few recommendations.
    I have a good friend who has a musical act The Quirky Quilter She has changed the lyrics to familiar songs to all Quilty themes most of them are hilarious and we can all identify with every single one. You may have heard of her she has been on several pod-casts and has done shows for a ton of guilds on the east coast. She said she would happily travel to Florida. I will send you her information if you are interested. She is not very expensive. The other thing I wanted to tell you is that when I had to stretch our budget. I would find local talent which cuts way back on the cost because you can cut out travel. Quilt shops will often come for free to talk about what they saw at market and what is new and they will bring a ton of stuff to sell which is always fun.We have also done programs where the guild members give presentations on their sewing studios and on organizational tips.
    We meet every week with the third Tuesday as our program meeting so I tried to alternate the expensive teachers with workshops and the other programs that were more entertainment without workshops. Just a few ideas for you. I also wanted to tell you that I get what you are saying about alone time. My brother and sister are so much older than me I was raised like an only child. My husband works from home and it is the biggest luxury when I have a day to myself in the house. It doesn't sound bad at all that you are apprehensive ALL of my friends have the same reaction when their husbands schedules change and the worst is when they retire!I am almost caught up on Orca Bay I have half f my HST's finished I am planning to get caught up this weekend I wonder what the next step will be Hmmm. Keep up the good work on the pod-cast!