My Machine Embroidery Quilting Book Wishlist

Marisa asked that I share some of the books I was talking about in my last podcast that teach you how to use your embroidery machine to do quilting! Here are my top picks:

This book is a collaboration with Nancy Zieman and has great projects all pieced in the hoop!  It looks like so much fun and a great way to learn quilting on your embroidery machine. I really like that it comes with a CD that has all the designs on it so you don’t have to purchase anything extra.  That alone is worth the price of the book in my opinion.
Below is a video of the project I was talking about in Episode 31 – the pineapple pincushion that is completely pieced and quilted in the hoop.

Some of the other books that I’m interested in:

What books have you found helpful when learning how to use your embroidery machine for quilting projects?


  1. Thank you so much! I can't wait to get my hands on these books. I look forward to seeing your adventures in machine embroidery quilting 🙂