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New Ironing Board Surface and a Bowl

Yesterday I finally got around to making my new pressing surface on my ironing board.  The materials cost about $20 (mostly consisting of the fabric and the board) and it took me approximately 20 minutes or so to put together.
I used the Sharon Schamber method:

And I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

New Pressing Surface!

New Pressing Surface!

New Pressing Surface!

On the underside I nailed two square dowels so that it won’t shift back and forth as I’m pressing.  It didn’t take long to staple to the board – I was able to use my cutting table to hold the board so I didn’t have to do it on the floor.  In Sharon’s video she said she has one folding table completely covered in this pressing surface so she can do borders and things! I think this will work for a while.  If it gets dirty I’ll just recover it with new canvas.

I also finished my shop sample for my class that I’m teaching in February.  I like the way this one turned out and I think the fabrics are really cute.  It seemed to go together much easier than the first one.

Quilted reversable fabric bowl

Quilted reversable fabric bowl

Quilted reversable fabric bowl

Quilted reversable fabric bowl

Tonight we’re having friends over to celebrate the new year. The doggies will get their Xanax around 9PM and hopefully they will be happy in their crates safe from the sound of fireworks.
Have a great end to 2011 quilters!
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  1. Your bowls are super cute! Great use for this fabric. I like the ironing board. I could use one, but my space is so tight now, I don't think I could squeeze past a larger board. Have to think about it. Happy New Year!

  2. I like the video on the pressing board. I do have instructions printed off from somewhere on how to make a pressing surface to cover an ironing board, however, this way is much easier. I think I will use my Hancock coupon to get the canvas so I can get my pressing board completed. Thanks for sharing the info.

    I have been catching up on my backlog of podcasts. I am glad to hear that Basil is doing well.

    You had mentioned about machine embroidery – well that is something that I need to learn to do on my machine. My husband gave me a Bernina 440 QE with the embroidery attachment several years ago as a Christmas gift. I took the classes to learn about the machine but I need to learn how to make things now with the attachment. I do dabble with the computer and sewing machine from time-to-time but so far I have not made a project. I would like to make my quilt labels with the embroidery unit. I will have to take a look at the Missouri Star Quilt Company's information.

    Thanks for sharing about the finish along. I did not get through all my goals from 2011 so the finish along will help out alot. I figure that my goals for 2012 will be to finish up uncompleted goals from 2011.

    I also want to remake my husband's Lone Star quilt that was made by his great grandmother. When we got it the quilt was already coming apart and had a few hole in it. The quilt had been used in a variety of ways so it was in sad shape. I took off the binding and backing. It was a tied-quilt so taking the layers apart did not take too long. Since I did not quilt at the time I had put it aside until I knew how to go about repairing the quilt. I think this will be the year to get it done. I want to use some reproduction fabric for the back and replacement areas. I know my husband would be surprised to see it repaired. This will be a huge project! I think I will take photos as I work on this quilt.

  3. Hello Katie. Ironing board looks great. I have thinking about this for a while now. Since you say it is quick, easy, and cheap I think I have no good excuses not to get one done! Thanks again,

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