Orca Bay Part 3 Progress

Orca Bay Part 3
For the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Part 3 – I was able to get 360 HST done yesterday! The foundation paper piecing method worked really well and I’m pleased with my units.  I got extras just in case a few don’t “measure up”.  All I have left to do is clip the dog ears off which will happen this week as I’m watching TV.
Right now they all fit neatly in my little fabric bowl that I made.  I’m ending up with lots of fabrics being used that have musical notes on them so I’m considering the quilt name right now of “Whale Song” or “Orca Bay Whale Song”.  Something musical anyway. I’m sure my idea will change once we see the blocks we will be working with but at least I’m thinking about it now.
This has really depleted my stash of creams, neutrals and black scrappy fabrics.
I had a lot of sewing help over the weekend from the corgis too!  My dad called this the “corgi mine field”.


  1. The blocks look adorable in your fabric bowl and the corgis look quite comfy. They did leave you sort of a zigzag path though.

  2. What a wonderful idea for a name. Love the blue rug. Did you make it?

  3. That sounds like a beautiful name for your quilt and I love your mine field!!

  4. Your blocks are looking good, I like them but LOVE your Corgi minefield-every home should have that sort of minefield!

  5. Just discovered your podcast and was excited to find out you were doing the Orca Bay Quilt as well. Love hearing and reading about your progress.

  6. Hi Katie, well done on completing part 3. Thanks for mentioning my name on your podcast. My 11 yr old daughter thought it was so fun…Good luck with the fabric diet but I must tell you that soon I'm treating myself some fabric as a xmas gift, but overall I'm not going to just buy unless I need it for a specific project.

  7. A diet at Christmas…a fabric diet! I'm guessing that you will lash out for your birthday! Well done for Orca Bay and I did love the fabric bowl

  8. Love your fabrics in the bowl, they look so yummy!! And Corgi minefield, made me laugh this morning! I have 2 german shorthairs and a beagle. Why is it they love to lay right in the door way?!

  9. I like the music notes, and what a neat title 🙂

  10. Hi Katie, I tried that HST paper…….oh my gosh, it's awesome!