A Plan of Action – Tackling that To Do List & a finish

Where has the year gone? In a little over a month things are really going to start picking up for our quilt guild show happening in November 2012. Lots of planning left to do and then I’ve gotta get quotes for the awards and exhibitor ribbons… not to mention begin sewing together the medallions for the awards.  On top of everything else I need to secure the presenters for the rest of the year’s guild meetings and book workshops.

I have a lot of my own projects I also want to work on next year that have been sitting on the sidelines. I need a list!

Highest Priority Projects
  1. Doggie Commission Quilt – Twin Size – I plan to either do snowball blocks with applique in the center or a crazy quilt with applique in the center of different dog breeds.  I’m leaning towards crazy quilt at this point so I can use up lots of different fabrics in my stash.
  2. Delectable Delights Jelly Roll Quilt using Moda Origins – I have all the blocks done, I need to sew them together and put some borders on.  I’ve been sitting on this one for a while afraid to finish it because I don’t know what to do for the borders! I need to choose something and have it over with.  I know it is going to look good no matter what I choose.
  3. Space Quilt – Husband’s Christmas Gift – I really would love to get this quilt done by Christmas so I can give him something special.  I don’t think it would be too time consuming to do once I settle on a design. Should probably get to pre-washing the fabrics now so I don’t have one more thing to do that stops me from starting it.
  4. Butterfly Quilt – I just need to quilt and bind the darn thing! I’m in the process of quilting it.
Medium Priority Projects
  1. Crazy Shortcut Quilt – Magnolia Fabrics – The quilting is in process on each of the blocks. Still need to purchase fabric for the sashing (front and back) and the binding.
  2. Twist and Shout Mystery Quilt – I haven’t even pieced a single block yet. I have units completed for certain things – lots of work left on this one.
  3. Tumbling Blocks Quilt – Aviary by 3 Sisters for Moda – All my tumblers are cut out I just need to begin piecing the rows.
  4. I Spy Quilt – Still piecing blocks together, about halfway done before I can begin sewing rows together.
  5. Jelly Roll Lone Star Quilt -Summer House by Lily Ashbury Fabrics – I have one star completely done (which won’t go into my finished quilt because it is so wonky) and pieces of a 2nd star done that went together much better.  I think this won’t take long to do if I can devote a few weeks to it.
Low Priority Projects
  1. Quiltsmart Grandmother’s Fan Quilt
  2. Quiltsmart Lone Star Quilt
  3. Delicate Romance Kit – Queen Size Quilt
  4. Lighthouse Pattern – Wall Hanging
  5. Koi Fish Kit
  6. Magnolia Table Runner Kit
  7. Bargello Placemats
  8. Bargello Scrappy Quilt

I did finish one project this week – a door decoration for work that will easily switch out for various holidays throughout the year.  I just have to change the decoration in the bears paws for each holiday! I need to make a new one for St. Patricks day since the one it came with got messed up (I didn’t like it anyway) and I’m sure I’ll also do a few placeholders when there isn’t a holiday coming up for a while so he doesn’t look silly.  I think he’s cute!


  1. I have been sewing blocks under my hubby nose. He just sees the parts of the blocks, but never sees a block that is assembled. He just ignore my stuff thinking it was just my usual sewing. He was very surprised when I game him a quilt for his own.



  2. Hi Katie, Thanks for the useful and entertaining podcast. Have you seen the missouri star quilt company pinwheel tutorial???? It has a half square triangle method with no drawing lines and not paper. Check it out. Tami in Denver


  3. @KnoxBlox – Yes – I have a quilt started using that method. I've done several pinwheels using the MSQC tutorial.

    The problem with the method is that your units are not accurate in the slightest. Moda (and any fabric comany out there) cuts their charms to the best of their ability but they aren't always 5" square and trying to line up pinked edges is difficult to ensure you are only using a 1/4" seam.

    I needed accurate units with Orca Bay so I had to use the paper pieced method.

  4. That makes sense, Katie. I don't often use precuts as they are not accurate. I would just cut my own square to start with. I get the accuracy factor for that orka bay. Happy quilting, KnoxBlox aka Tami In Denver

  5. I <3 precuts for projects that don't NEED accuracy that much - Orca Bay seems to require accuracy!

    One day I'll finish my MSQC pinwheel quilt. All the little blocks are tucked away in a bin right now waiting to be put together into a top.