Works {Not} In Progress Wednesday

This week has been insane with stuff going on – from Basil’s surgery to dinners after work with friends to arranging weekend coverage with three important things we have to do… I haven’t been able to sit down and sew on my machine since Sunday.

Saturday I have to drop two dogs off at the vets office for shots and nail trims, go to a guild board meeting, pick the dogs up and wait on the electrician to come fix the meter box that our electric company broke when they tried to install the new electronic meter.  Yep you read that right, we have to pay to have our box repaired when the electric company broke it – and admitted it! Hopefully they pay out on the claim when we submit for a refund.

My fabric diet is over tomorrow!!  I realized this as I was getting ready for work this morning. I’ll talk about my future plans on my podcast but I don’t want to go hog wild on buying fabric again.  I need neutrals so that is the only thing I’m going to really hunt down to replenish my stash with unless I find something really amazing at Rainbows End when I make a trip there.

I have a crate full of scraps that I plan on cutting up over the holiday when I’m not working on something else. I want to thumb through my Bonnie Hunter book and find another pattern to start using up my scraps with.

Hexie I did this week

Quilts Currently Being Worked On:

  • Butterfly Quilt – being quilted on my Viking Topaz 20, free hand feathers and micro stippling right now.
  • Orca Bay – being pieced! I’m on step 4 making pink string blocks.
  • I heart My Corgi wallhanging – top is finished, just need to sit down and quilt it so I can list it on Etsy
  • Bargello Placemats and Table Runner – 1st placemat has been pieced.  Going to do a 2nd one trying out a different pressing technique for the seams so they nest better. Then I’ll start writing the steps of the quilt along for January!
  • Hexagon Quilt – always in progress.  Need to baste up more white hexies so I can start adding flowers to the center panel. Also need to cut out some more 2.5″ squares for the star points since I need various colors for each one.

Next few nights I think I’m going to wrap some cording to whip up some quick fabric bowls for gifts.  I can pull fabric from my scrap bin and cut it up. Even ugly stuff can make a really pretty fabric bowl.

I am really looking forward to the holiday break.  That time off is going to be a godsend to help me decompress and get the house straightened up.  The sign of a productive quilter is a messy house I think….


  1. I know how you feel about needing a break. More time to sew and dream.. and a bit of house cleaning and gardening. I love the hexie with such amazing fabrics!

  2. How is Basil doing, I hope well. I finished my Orca Bay string blocks yesterday. So I am ready for tomorrows step. Since then I have been making more assorted string blocks still trying to dent the stash but having fun doing it. Still on the diet. I go to online stores load up my cart and then just leave it. It seems to be working I still feel like I am shopping. I know it is time waster but it is so much fun choosing fabric even when I don't buy it. LOL