Announcing the Bargello Placemat/Tablerunner Quilt Along!

Are you ready for a new 2012 quilt along? This will be a short and sweet one!

I wanted a fun way to learn how to do the bargello technique without having to make a gigantic quilt. I tried to find a free tutorial on placemats but was unable to locate one! So I decided to make one myself since I found a group of folks that also wanted to learn bargello without tackling a huge project.

My quilt along will show you how to make 4 placemats and an optional table runner if you wish to complete your set. I’ll run each step on Friday.

This is teaching you the basic bargello technique.  If you are looking for a more elaborate pattern there are lots of great books out there with fun lightning strikes and twists to play with!

Update: The quilt along is finished but the tutorials remain if you want to work at your own pace and try bargello yourself!

1/6/12 – Step 1: Fabric selection and cutting your strips. Piecing your strip sets together.

1/13/12 – Step 2: Cutting your rows, exercising the seam ripper and piecing your rows together to make your tops

1/24/12 – Step 3: Finishing and quilting ideas

I do hope you will join us and have some fun learning the basic bargello technique!


  1. Sounds like fun. I did a bargello way back when – used the quilt as you go method. I'd like to do another. I will quilt along with you. Tami in Denver (agility cheerleader)

  2. Count me in. I always wanted to learn how to make a bargello but the idea of a big quilt made me give up. I can't wait to learn the bargello tecnique.

  3. I'm gonna join inn but be a rebel and just make a table runner. :p I need a table runner but don't have any use for more quilted placemats.

  4. I made bargello lap size quilt using the QUILT AS YOU GO METHOD. Currently I have tons of jellies cut and ready to go into projects. I also have to make a place-mat for a friend, so this might be a project to try.



  5. This may be a silly question, but what is bargello?

    • Bonnie Hunter has a perfect explaination and great tutorial on her website – they are actually easy to make just a bit time-consuming but the end product is awesome – there is no right or wrong to color combos.

      • I’ve seen her tutorial and just haven’t had the guts to tackle it without practicing the “steps” on a smaller project – so that is why I came up with the placemat and tablerunner idea! After doing those I’m definitely going to do one of her scrappy bargello quilts this year. I have two drawers FULL of 2.5″ strips for me to use in it.

        Something else I’m trying this year is a block swap of scrappy “Trips around the world” blocks from her blog too. That’s a fun way to use up 2.5″ strip leftovers.

  6. YESSSSSSSSSS I'll follow you in this new work for 2012 ! what a nice idea to do a little bargello ! I've made one big… but I'll be happy to do one again and remember how to do !!! thanks for your tuto which is very pleasant and simple !

  7. Sounds fun.Count me in,I want to learn how to do it.

  8. would love to do this with you! Thanks for doing this!

  9. I need to make some new place mats so was tickled to find you! This is going to be fun, thanks!

  10. Hi there

    I’ve just found this post and read through all three of the tutorials, but am wondering, is it possible to do bargello by hand instead of machine?



    • I’ve never hand sewn one but I’m sure it is possible. You’ll just be doing lots of straight sewing for the strip sets and sewing through lots of seams once you cut them apart into rows.

  11. Bev Durston says:

    I love applique, ametuer quilter & I just bought a Pfaff Creations 2 & I love your site, just what I need someone to give me reassurance as I get going


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