33 – The Mom Interview, Puzzles, Cooking and some quilting


My parents came to visit so I convinced my mom to sit for an interview

I cooked a lot while my parents were here (well more than usual)

I receive a cool quilty gift – a puzzle!

This is as far as I’ve gotten:

Here are some neato puzzles from Amazon that would be great for quilters!

Update on the crumb block swap

The commission conundrum
Here are the fun fabrics that listener Jill sent me:

And her crumb blocks:

And these are the crumb blocks that I’ve received from my partners so far:


  1. Your mom was a really good sport to sit down and be interviewed!! I found the interview charming, it sounds like you have a really neat relationship with your parents and it was fun to listen to.

  2. I enjoyed the interview with your mom. It is interesting to get the back story on podcasters and their family. Hope your mom will do it again sometime.
    I had a puzzle tradition, at the Christmas Holidays, with my kids when they were younger. Never had a quilt puzzle though.

  3. Your mom is adorable. One of the reasons I like listening to your podcasts is that they are not just about quillts. You include your life, too. I loved hearing about your childhood. You & your mom sound like you have a great relationship. Keep the podcasts coming. I have enjoyed them all.

  4. Hi Katie. I just finished listening to the interview with your mom, and loved it. The two of you seem to have a very nice relationship – it was fun to hear you teasing each other.
    You made a comment about talking about your dogs. I wanted to let you know that I like to hear about your dogs and the rest of your life.

    • Thanks Colleen! My mom is getting a kick out of all the comments on her interview episode. I’m glad folks are enjoying listening to it. 🙂