34 – Techie Stuff, Catching Up, Bogged Down, Gnomes

  • I made a big move from Blogger to WordPress and how that might impact you – resubscribe in your Google Reader here: Subscribe in a reader
  • Getting bogged down with commissions – a good thing and a bad thing
  • Basil update and Byron does more agility finally
  • More puzzle fun
  • Bargello Quilt Along Update
  • Crumb swap update
  • Gnome naming contest
  • Upcoming trips and stuff
  • Quilt guild happenings & the Opportunity Quilt
  • Sponsorship!
  • Pinterest
  • Manicures
  • Upcoming interview

“A Poinsettia Quilt” – Cypress Creek Quilters Guild Opportunity Quilt 96″ x 96″

If you would like to donate for an opportunity to win the quilt please contact me!


  1. Tami in Denver says:

    You have been BUSY! The blog transition has been seamless from my vantage point. Thank you for all the work you do did to that end. I was happy to hear that you’re back in agility class; sounds like it came back like riding a bike. Good for you. I can’t send a pic of my finished bargello as I’ve decided to hand quilt big stitches and I’ll only work on it when I need a hand project but you have pics of the finished top (such as they are). As I’ve told you, I decided to add pockets and use it as a shawl so I’m especially anxious to see the quilted shawl tutorial. I like the idea of buying opportunities instead of doing a raffle. We have those raffle laws here too. I was turned on to the shellac nail polish recently too. I LOVE it. I do the french manicure so that the growing out doesn’t show so much and mine last a month. I only redo them then cuz the growing out looks funny. Hardly any broken nails since I started it. Thanks for the great podcast. I look forward to the next one. Tami in Denver p.s. can i ask for a pinterest invite here?

  2. Tami in Denver says:

    Love the new website. It looks great.

  3. Hi, Katie! I don’t know how sturdy your card table is, but I would be careful about using the AccuQuilt Go! on it, at least in the center of the table. I used mine on one of my card tables and once I had been doing it for a while, the card table top started to bow in the center and was no longer good for any rotary cutting. (Just the excuse I needed to purchase a cutting table!

    • Okay, this seemed to cut off my last reply (and the second parenthesis), probably because I tried to insert an Emoji! Anyway, the other thing I had mentioned was that card tables are not usually well supported in the middle.


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