Name that Gnome Contest!

I went Etsy shopping and picked up a new travel gnome since poor Carl lost his feet on my last trip and is retired in my closet now.

I want to have a new contest!  The last one was so fun and lots of you came up with some very unique stories behind the name of the gnome that you suggested. I already have gnomes named Gerald and Carl so don’t use those!

Entry Rules: Comment below with your name suggestion and a backstory of why he is called that. One entry per person please!

Entry Deadline: Leave a comment by Monday, January 30th, midnight EST.

Prize: A selection of fabric from my stash!  If I choose your name and backstory I’ll contact you to find out if you would prefer scraps, charms,  fat quarters etc. and what colors you’d like.  You’ll either get a small flat rate box full of scraps, a load of charms cut from my Accuquilt Go! or a minimum of 4 fat quarters of fabric.

Make sure I have a way to contact you if you win!

And if you choose charms here is an idea of how many I have cut out to choose from!  I will give you a generous selection based on your color preference!

Good Luck!  May the gnomes be with you.


  1. As you know, most Gnomes are Vegetarian. The best ones are actually Vegan and my heart has a special fondness for the Vegan ones since I am Vegan too. One of Gnomes’ favorite foods are hazelnuts. My youngest son has, for years, joked that his first born child would be named “zel-nut” so people would say “Hey, Zelnut”. To honor my quirky yet adorable son, I think the perfect name for your new Gnome would be Zelda. Enjoy her!

  2. I would call him Travis. The name is close to travel. as this is what he will be doing. What at wonderful contest!

  3. I think he should be “Pondering Percy” – he clearly has a lot on his mind! My Dad’s called Percy and I just thought of him when I spotted this gnome – he spends a lot of time thinking and very little time doing!!! (he is 85 so does have an excuse!)!

    Very generous giveaway! Love your blog.

  4. Donna Felts says:

    I think he looks like a Jerome, very studious looking fellow.

  5. Landscapelady says:

    I think he looks alittle like Santa so how about Nicky the gnome 🙂

  6. He’s real cute, I’d name him Rupletispekin. I good gnome has always a funny and big name!!!

  7. I would name him Frederick. He looks very stately, very inquisitive, and looks like he is ready to travel to learn all he can. I think Frederick is a manly name – a name that will take him far.

  8. Jan Gunter says:

    I think his name should be “Dusty Roads”. He looks like a Dusty to me and he will be traveling many roads with you. Thanks for the fun contest Katie. May “Katie and Dusty” travel many roads together and make good friends along the way.

    Jan G

  9. Dianne Sanders says:

    Stephen the vegan. Nice ring to it. 🙂 Dianne

  10. Loonwatcher says:

    He looks very thoughtful like he might have the answer to all our questions so how about calling him Jeeves. That’s also kinda gnome-y sounding.

  11. Martha Wilson says:

    This little guy reminds me of one of the dwarfs from “The Hobbit”, so how about “Oaky” for Thorin Oakenshield!

  12. I think your gnome looks like a Rascally Randolph!

  13. I think your gnome looks like a Rascally Randolph! He’s got that look that says, “I’m fixin’ to get up to some mischief!”

  14. Gnomieo, Gnomieo where art thou going my traveling Gnomieo!!!

  15. Jane Handy says:

    I think Earl (the pearl) would fit your new gnome!

  16. First name that came to mind was Hubert. He’s a plump little fella!

  17. I think he looks like a Henry! Always thoughtful. Thank you for the contest. It’s fun reading all the names. Everyone is so creative. Hugs, Jan

  18. He looks like a Gnorm to me. He reminds me of the know-it-all from the 80s sitcom Cheers. That and I like how Gnorm the Gnome sounds!

  19. I think Noah. That name means rest and comfort which is what traveling is all about. He looks like his name should be Noah

  20. I think he looks like a Norman. Norman the Gnome. Has a nice ring to it! And Norman means “Northerner” which I guess would be a traveler, so I think it’s perfect for your traveling gnome! 🙂

  21. I think you should call him “What’s His Name.” Looks like he is trying to figure out his name as well.

  22. I think he’s a Seymour, because on his travels he will, of course be all about the “See More!”

  23. The first name that popped into my head was George. Like Curious George, he will be curious about everything in his travels.

  24. Marty Askins says:

    He looks like a George. Curious about everything he sees. Every George I know is always curious about everything and all planning something to get him into mischief.

  25. His name is Nicholas. In his former life he was Santa. He loves traveling the world and spreading love from his workshop **sewing studio**. He is super excited to travel the world with you!

  26. My suggestion is Cade. It means round, stout or sturdy. Cade tried for years not to live up to his name but he was always teased at being the only skinny gnome and finally gave in and filled out. But he’s proud of the sturdy part of his name and is always asked to help when a little muscle is needed because he’s one of the sturdiest gnomes around.

  27. I would call him Gnorbert.

  28. Marye Albritton says:

    I think he should be Rip Quilt Wrinkle…… because, Rip was somewhat magical as a gnome must be…Quilt for obvious reasons………and Wrinkle because he will get his clothes wrinkled as he travels so much…….LOL

  29. “Ole Post Hole” When mine youngest son was about 3 we were visiting my father who was dying of cancer, Dad asked Justin what his name was, and he didn’t know, but he did and so did Dad. My father said it must be Ole Post Hole, ya, said Justin so after that you would ask him his name and he would say Ole Post Hole. Not long after that my father died. A lady came to visit Justin to interview him for home start, she asked him his name he said” Ole Post Hole”. Oh my, she laughed at the name, so he crawled up behind me as she asked him again what his name was he peeked out from behind me and said” OLE POST HOLE”with much determination in his answer. To this day we call him OLE
    I do paint gnomes, they are named from the nick names Dad gave me and my sister and brothers.Puddly, Lars, Pete and Ole.

  30. I would call him ” Hunter” Gnome,,,,I have five daughters and if I were to have a son, I would have named him Hunter….

  31. I posted in the wrong date, so here we go again..
    “Gatsby” from a childhood memory of a storybook character. He traveled about charming everyone with his Looks!! Stylish fellow he is!! Granny Judy from MSQC

  32. Cyndi Zoller says:

    “Archemedes” was born the twelfth gnome in his family. His gnome parents named him Archie and like all gnomes he was sent to gnome school to learn all the things important to being a gnome. But instead of concentrating on his school subjects, he instead spent his time thinking of ways to make quilting easier. He invented the rotary cutter when he was supposed to be learning how to hide needles mid-quilting. He thought up the walking foot when the rest of the class was practicing dropping pins so that they landed point side up. He was always lost in thought, so his classmates teasingly called him “Archemedes”. The name stuck and he’s been called Archemedes ever since.

  33. Carmen Sandiego! Call him a variation of the name: Carmen, San, Diego, Sand, Sandi and etc.

    Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego? On a cruise with Katie and RIngo somewhere…..

  34. SassyCoconut says:

    I would name the little guy “Xeno” after the character Xenophilious Lovegood from Harry Potter. If you’ve read the books you may remember that he believed in the healing power of gnome bites (from the Bill and Fleur wedding in Deathly Hallows where Luna got bit in the Weasly garden). If you haven’t read the books you can disregard my nerdiness and name sugesttion. :p

  35. i think Roman…. as in roaming…Roman Gnome

  36. Hi Katie,
    I think he’s pretty celtic looking, with that in mind Katie, I would say you would have to name him FERGUS. Good Irish name for the leprechaun equivalent of a gnome!

  37. I think he looks like a George. My late father in law called everyone George. All the friends that my husband brought home, whether they were male or female, were called George. My husband has taken to doing this to all the stray cats, dogs, and children that have shown up at our house over the years.
    So that’s my suggestion.. George Aloysius Gnomeregan (aka George A. Gnome)

  38. Gnomequille….. you are all about quilting, he is a you two together can make it happen!

  39. I think his name should be Christopher, since St Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

    He IS a traveling gnome, and since poor Carl lost his feet, sounds like he and Gerald could use St Chris to assist in watching over all who are traveling together.

  40. UnGnome!

  41. April Jones says:

    I think you should call him Wandering Walter, lol he just looks like a Walter to me


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