Quickie Wednesday Update

This past week has been crazy! I finally posted the last step of the bargello quilt along last night and I was happy to get that off my plate so I can move on to the next project.  Yesterday I received another request for a dog agility ribbon quilt commission so I’m working on that to get it done before the upcoming February trial.  Hoping I get it done in time!

Here is the dog agility ribbon quilt I recently completed for a new client:

Adding the zebra ribbon was challenging!  I wasn’t sure how to add it to the top so it would look right and ultimately decided to frame the name and the heart.  I didn’t have enough to border the entire piece so I had to go with what was on the spool.  It doesn’t look too bad! I lost track of how much time I spent lining it up with rulers and pinning it before topstitching it on.  The font turned out perfect.

I much prefer the buttons to the belting strip on the bottom to hang the ribbons on.  I think it works a lot better.  It is all packaged up and ready to be picked up at the next trial.

Byron & Bliss 4 ever

I don’t have a photo of the new commission yet – I just appliqued the shapes onto the background fabric last night.  I’m picking up thread after work and then heading to agility class with Byron. It’s our first class in almost two months! Between Basil’s surgery and bad weather I just haven’t been able to get back into my weekly class schedule.  I hope he has fun tonight.  I have a playdate planned this weekend with his girlfriend too so he can run off some energy.  He’s been driving Basil nuts and Bernie can only step in as his playmate so much.

Projects being worked on:

  • Black/Red/White agility ribbon quilt commission
  • Cutting fabric for twin size commission and printing out doggie silhouettes for applique tracing
  • Finishing up quilted shawl tutorial
  • Cleaning/reorganizing quilting room

Projects on hold:

  • Orca Bay
  • Butterfly Quilt
  • I <3 my corgi quilt tops

Hoping I will feel up to recording episode 34 of the podcast tonight or tomorrow!

Did you enter the Name that Gnome contest?  He still needs a name!


  1. for the Gnome Name contest… Gatsby Gnome. (Gatsby was quite a traveler and stylish dude. He seemed to charm everyone he met- Memories from a childhood book) Granny Judy at MSQC.

  2. i love the picture of the dogs, that is so cute.