Testing….testing 123

I’m in the midst of my move to my new host and blog service and I want to test out my feeds and see if they still propogate.

Transferring from Blogger to WordPress isn’t exactly a simple process especially if you want to make sure all your old links still work on your new location! I was up late last night working on my settings to get that right.  I still haven’t tackled my theme to get the look of my new blog the way I want it.  Playing with settings and tagging old posts has me busy enough at the moment.

I have a theme in mind and can’t wait to do the photography for the top header links!  Thanks for bearing with me in the meantime and I hope you are working hard on your Bargello Quilt Along projects while you wait for Part 3 to post – once I get the new blog handled!

Anyhoo – feel free to test it out, comment etc.