The Weekend Roundup & Movie Recommendation

Saturday the dogs woke up early (as usual) so I got out of bed around 7:15AM and took care of that before heading into the sewing room.  I straightened up a bit and then looked at things I needed to work on.  I ended up ironing out my Orca Bay wing units so they could be put into a plastic bag and neatly stacked with the other units I have finished.  I turned Pandora on on the laptop so I could iron to some music.  It was kind of relaxing.

I continued cleaning and put away some fabrics that I’d purchased the last week that had come in.  I love my neutrals!  That shelf is starting to get full.  It will be so nice to just have neutrals to pull from when I want now.

JoAnns had some calendars on sale so I snagged one of the quilt-block-a-day ones for 50% off.  Not a bad deal I think.

We ran some errands that afternoon, grabbed some lunch and then relaxed at home until it was time to leave. A good friend of mine was being thrown a surprise birthday party by her family and we were invited.  They held the event at the Florida Aquarium – it was a wonderful party. Highlight of the evening was when the shark in the nearby tank snatched one of the tuna from the school of fish swimming blissfully around and ate it. I managed to not topple over in my heels that I still haven’t broken in yet.

Sunday was mostly uneventful.  More errands and lots of laundry done.  I pre-washed some fabric I purchased for a commission.  Can I just say thank you Shout for creating color catchers? I washed a magenta pink piece of fabric, a purple fabric and a red paw print fabric all together.  The color catchers turned out this beautiful magenta.  I wish I could use it for something else.

I started work on my dog agility ribbon quilt commission (no photos yet until it is complete) which was fun.  I love my light tracing box! It makes tracing letters so much easier. I can’t believe I did without it for so long thinking it would be a waste of money.

When I got everything fused down and started putting the satin stitch on I searched on demand to see if I could find a decent movie.  Showtime had a new documentary on HD so I pulled it up.  It was so riveting I think I got one letter done in 45 minutes because I kept stopping to watch the movie.

Buck– is a documentary about Buck Brannaman, the horse whisperer.  He was the person that Robert Redford consulted for his part in the film to show some authenticity and one of Bucks own horses was used in the film for a difficult scene the trick horse couldn’t do.   I’ve read several books and been to a few clinics on natural horsemanship (once attended a Pat Perelli clinic several years ago).  It is interesting watching his training technique and comparing it to how we deal with difficult and aggressive dogs.

The film is well done and you get a good sense of him as a person and why he works with horses the way he does. I highly recommend it.
I managed to finish my applique up after the film was over. Last night I pulled my scraps out and did some more cutting on the Accuquilt Go.  I found lots of yardage in my scrap bin that is selvage to selvage so I pulled that out and put it in a pile to cut into 2.5″ strips.  I’m determined to get a bargello scrap quilt done this year.


  1. Katie could you email me your snail mail address I want to send you a little son
    Merging for hosting the swap bot swaps.
    I couldn't find it anywhere.
    Thanks again for the great pod-casts. I finished my orca bay but did not do the border I will try to post a picture really soon