37 – Behind the Scenes of Ep 36, WIP, Basil Update, Reorganization, Curtains

  • A little bit behind the scenes of the interview with Kimberly Einmo!

    Rainbow Lone Star in Progress

  • Some of my works in progress:
    • Rainbow Lonestar
    • Black Floral Wallhanging UFO
    • Test blocks for twin size commission
    • Testing embroidery files from Big Dreams Embroidery

      My 1st set of curtains

    • Block design for Seamed Up
  • Basil saw the surgeon for his 8 week checkup after his CCL surgery repair
  • Work drama
  • I reorganize my sewing studio a bit
  • I made my first set of curtains!!
  • Comment catchup – thanks to everyone for the lovely comments you left on Episode 36 show notes!  I’m really proud of that episode and I’m glad so many of you enjoyed listening to it.

Some Bargello Quilt Along finishes done by blog followers and podcast listeners:

This tablerunner was completed by Theresa. I love her setup! She made it longer to accommodate her table.  This was her first bargello project ever.

Listener Tami created this bargello tablerunner but she added borders and decided to turn it into a shawl with pockets! I hope she will send me photos of the finished product when she is done.

Robin shared this photo with me on Twitter! I love her blues for this table runner. I think it flows really well.


  1. Great job to those that did the bargellos! Love the color combinations:-)

  2. I am loving the new look website, the banner is brilliant. I have been doing a bit of catching up – your mum was great I really enjoyed the episode. It is interesting that when you described your rainbow lone star on the podcast I got an image of what it would look like – but looking at the pictures is so much better – I love how you have used different colours on the same point. The black is just the perfect background to really make the colours pop. I am now off to listen to the interview. Thanks Caroline

  3. I really love the rainbow star with black. Beautiful! The

  4. My mantra is “make visual decisions visually”. Lorraine Torrence (great teacher) drummed this into my head. That means you have to look at your work on the wall or on the floor when you are trying to make decisions. Trying to decide on a thread color? Unroll a strand and lay it across your piecing. This will give you a better idea of how the thread color will blend or disappear or stand out.

    Trying to decide on the Sawtooth Stars? Lay them out next to your quilt top. Yes, you will have to make some, but you can always use them for something else if you don’t like the way they look with the quilt.

    Glad things are going better in the guild.