A Quilty Catchup (some embroidery too!)

Some project progress updates:

Rainbow Lone Star – I finished piecing the outer border, made the label on my embroidery machine and pin basted the quilt sandwich. The lettering on the label isn’t perfect but it works I guess.  It’s only a wallhanging so I don’t know why I care so much.  I need a better embroidery lettering program. The one I’m using now doesn’t stitch out very well once you create a font in the program and stitch it out in the hoop.  Hoping I can save up for Embird for my birthday since it seems that is all I’m going to be able to afford really.  I’ve heard good things about it so I think it’ll work for me.

And here it is in the happy quilt sandwich:

I’m waiting on my Aurifil thread order to come in before I can start quilting it. I’m going to try monofiliment thread for the first time and I’ve heard really good things about Aurifil monofiliment thread.  My past experience with monofiliment hasn’t been good so I’m hoping this will be different. There are so many different colors in this piece I didn’t want to detract from the fabric by having the thread take over. All I really want to do is add some interesting texture to the quilt with the straight line quilting.  Since it’s a wall quilt and won’t be washed I’m going for the monofiliment and hoping for the best.

I tested out some of the babushka doll embroidery designs that I purchased recently from Big Dreams Embroidery. I went with the smallest size (fitting in a 4×4 hoop) just to do some stitch outs and they turned out so freaking cute.

That is the Tatiana version.  I have her other two versions as well but just tested this one. I love that it uses little teeny scraps for the small version so I can do something with my tiny scraps now! I’m going to do a small collection of them for a wall quilt and then quilt it. My poor embroidery scissors started squeaking last night, I need to put a drop of oil on them.

In other news I recently purchased Electric Quilt 7! I’m really excited about this program. I’m going to design and layout the Snowball quilt in it before starting that commission so I know exactly what I need to cut and where I’m going to put my applique blocks.


  1. i really like your rainbow star! I was going to suggest you use monofilament thread. I have great luck w/ Superior’s, which is poly, not nylon. If your machine just won’t cooperate, very thin thread, 60 weight, in a neutral like gray should blend well and look fine.

  2. I love,love yyour star.It`s spectacular and your fabrics choice are just awesomel.

  3. Katie,
    I love that quilt from the first time I saw it on your ironing board! I love it even more now! Fantastic job.

  4. Your Rainbow Lone Star quilt looks great ! And the embroidery so cute…

  5. Wow – your rainbow star is amazing :o)

  6. Katie,

    I really like your Rainbow Lonestar and I think your label looks very nice. It is great that you used rainbow colored thread! On a different note, I re-listened to Episode 36 yesterday and you did a very nice job with the interview. You sounded very comfortable and natural. I hope you get the opportunity to do more of those.


  7. The lone star came out fabulous. I love the colors, they will just pop right off the wall. Great Job!

  8. the star looks great! excellent choice for a rainbow jelly roll.

  9. Love the name of your quilt! I think your lettering software is ok but the the variegated thread makes it jumble so maybe that’s what you don’t like about it. I think it’s fine though. Good tip from one of the comments on the nylon superior thread, I still need to get my aurifill:-)

  10. I love your rainbow star. You arranged the colors so perfectly. The little Russian dolls are adorable!

  11. I bought the aurilfil monofilament thread and love it. It works well in the bobbin also. Use a smaller needle75/11 worked with quilting.

    • I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the monofiliment! Haven’t had any breakage or weird snags happen. It does work brilliantly in the bobbin as well. Can’t wait to show my end result once Rainbow Insomina is fully quilted.