Free Pattern Friday – A Pin Sharpening Pincushion

How many times have you gone to push a pin into some fabric and it completely misbehaves refusing to go into that fabric? It is probably gone dull and needs some sharpening!  If you don’t have one of those little tomatoes with the tiny tomato on the string (apparently these have metal filings meant to sharpen pins in it) you can make your own larger pincushion sharpener.

Step one: sew a pincushion.  Here are a few pincushion tutorials.  Hold off on stuffing it just yet.

Step two: Stuff it with steel wool! 



See the full tutorial over at the Craftypod blog! What a handy idea.


  1. Laura Filbeck says:

    I love Jelly rolls and everything you can do with them. I have come to consider myself a pre-cut junkie. Steel wool is a great idea. I will need to try this.

  2. hi just came across your blog from seamed up! love it! downloaded some of your podcast, ill stick up an itunes review after i listen yo them tomorrow!